Health: Avocado Fruit And Its Health Benefits To The Womb

Health - Avocado Fruit And Its Health Benefits To The Womb

Health - Avocado Fruit And Its Health Benefits To The Womb

Health: Avocado Fruit And Its Health Benefits To The Womb

Health – Avocado Fruit And Its Health Benefits To The Womb: Here are some health benefits of avocado fruits to the human womb (Avocado Fruits & the Womb).

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According to Doctrine of Signatures, Avocado fruit looks or resembles the uterus, [those in the field of Botany, Phyto-Medicine, Pharmacognosy, and Plant Biochemistry will understand this better]. Avocado does not only looks like the womb, it has health benefits to the organ which it happens to resemble in the body: the womb.

What Is Doctrine of Signatures?

Please, I am still aware that our topic is “Avocado Fruit And Its Health Benefits To The Womb“. Before we go into the our topic in details, let me explain briefly what Doctrine of Signatures means. It also states that all fruits and vegetables share aesthetic properties or ‘signatures’ with the organ they benefit.

That’s to say, since avocado looks like the womb, it should have benefits to the womb. Many believe this Practice to be superstition; and see it as mere coincidence when a plant material/part looks like an organ of the body.

On my first week of Industrial Training at the Herbal Research Center of CPHA Nigeria, I first heard of the term “Doctrine of Signatures” [been used mostly by the students of botany department, and some of the students of pharmacognosy department among us] which states the fact that plants that look like some parts of the body, maybe in colour, shape, texture, and other features, can be used in treating diseases affecting those parts of the body they share common features with.

The Doctrine of Signatures is a herbalist philosophy attributed to Paracelsus (1491-1541) and later popularized by the German shoemaker Jakob Bohme (1575-1624).

I found it very difficult to believe this practice because it sounded archaic and strange to me as a student of Biochemistry department but that’s one of the advantages of meeting people from other fields of academic study, I didn’t doubt it but decided to wait until we had really started studying plants and their medicinal uses, then I got the physical samples of those plants and observed what they have in common with the parts of the body they are been used for.

As a Biochemist, I must say that the principles behind Doctrine of Signatures were only effective in ancient years; why do I say so? Because from my observations, most medicinal plants have been analyzed, their phytochemical constituents known, the diseases they can be used to treat have been tested on model organisms, and the records kept for future generations.

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So, even the botany students who make use of this practice today only observe plants with known pharmacological activities to see if the plant materials [seeds, fruits, leaves, rhizomes, roots, etc.] in question obey the Doctrine as believed; though sometimes we came across strange plants and their doctrines of signatures worked out to be true.

So, I think that the signatures of plants are also important to scientists [Chemists, Pharmacologists, Biochemists, etc.] in making guesses (hypothesis) of what may be the pharmacological values of medicinal, hence can serve as guidelines to them as they carry out their analyses.

For instance, banana fruits look like (human) penis; this would serve as a hint for scientists carrying out researches on the fruits to delve into finding out if it has any health benefits related to the organ it looks like.

Now, let us see if Avocado only looks like the womb or it has health benefits to the womb.

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Health - Avocado Fruit And Its Health Benefits To The Womb & Doctrine of Signatures

Avocado Looks Like Human Uterus (Womb):

It’s not a mistake that Aztecs called avocado the “fertility fruit”; it’s a big source of Vitamin E that balances the hormones, sheds off birth/baby weight, and helps to prevent cervical cancer.

It is very interesting that avocado (the seed) not only resembles baby in the womb, but it also takes exactly 9 months for one avocado to blossom to a ripe fruit.

Now you have known that Avocado not only resemble the womb, it’s beneficial to the womb, why not share this with your friends and educate them today, they would be happy that you care so much about them to share this with them.

Next time, we will talk about other health benefits of Avocado fruits to everyone; mind you, it’s not only beneficial to women alone, men as well can benefit from Avocado fruit.



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