I +The Inspirational Parrot greet you my dear legendary friends. I wrote an article on the eve of Sunday 26th of March, 2017 to be published here; but due to the kind of phone I’m using now, it hung & I lost the article just that way [praying to get another phone soonest; it’s really affecting me]. So annoying, but I had to write another one, similar to the lost one but isn’t the same anymore. Hope the spirit with which I wrote this new one was enough to inspire you.
There is no need to be so much concerned with the poor nature of your family background. Stop comparing yourself with others. Thinking that you are from the poorest of family background will stick you to the ground without rising.
Otiosely having self-pity over your background can make you forget that there is a greater personality in you. Remember that none of us chose the family to be born into, and whatever criteria used to distribute people into various backgrounds must be doing that with fairness. You are in that poor background to join others to oar the boat of progress towards the right direction of success. Why hating yourself? Why cursing your parents for bringing you into such a background?
Let me tell you what you did not know about NDJP [The Inspirational Parrot]:
“NDJP was not born into a family of Wole Soyinka & Chimamanda as parents; in fact, neither of his parents finished Secondary School, but they were successful enough to offset the school fees of their kids before death took them away from this world.
His dad was a senior Carpenter, if you really understand what I mean by saying “Senior Carpenter” you won’t be saying “eyiyah” to express pity for him. His father went on to learn carpentry through apprenticeship, he later became a boss and trained lots of people. He was so creative to the ambit that white people were giving him contracts [that is, he was workingas a contractor], that means that he was then giving jobs to other people in the same line of occupation. He was a Senior Carpenter through which he made riches, built houses, got a car, rendering philanthropic helps, became known in the society as an icon of peace, a man of wisdom, mediator, philanthropist of his own time. 
Do not think that NDJP’s father was a professor for him (NDJP) to be so much endowed in writing. But do you know what? NDJP’s father didn’t say because he was not able to go to university, that his kids won’t; his dad was learned, at least he can communicate with people using good English. Let me cut his dad’s line of story at this point. Ozonwayo Abagana, you’re gone from this world but those you left behind are enough to console ourselves over your departure.
What about NDJP’s mom, [may her soul & the souls of other departed mothers rest in the peace of the Lord, Amen]; his mother was a successful trader, working assiduously to make enough to support her family. His mother was never a teacher nor a civil servant. She did her best to inculcate moral etiquette into her kids. She didn’t have the opportunity to make it to the university, but she offered her best to make sure her kids went far academically. There are a lot about NDJP and his family background.”
Now, NDJP did not let his background to limit him, he shed off the mindset that he cannot be great just because he was from an average family background. He knows and believes that there is quite a greater and phenomenal personality in him, and he makes sure that he is living out [and not leaving out] his destiny: if not all, at least a tangible/greater part of it. He let go of the spirit of self-pity, self-comparison, and inferiority complex. Yes, today he is a mentor to many, sources of inspiration to people. What if he had not broken away from the shackles that tie people to self-pity? Would he be a mentor or motivator to others?
Look at you, maybe your parents are still alive, you affluent uncles and aunts here and there, trying their best to provide for you, yet some of us will decide not to bring out those great beings in us.
I’m not trying to praise NDJP above his worth, but just using the young legend to pass a vital message to someone who is somewhere, who thinks that his/her life can never be better, maybe owing to the poor nature of his/her family background.
Poverty does not take away one’s abilities; it only makes one to lose conviction of what one can do with one’s potentialities. So, get back your conviction of who you should be. Poverty only masks your sights and insights to becoming that great personality you should be.
You have potential, you are special, you are crucial, you’re substantial. Do not give up, keep fighting your way to the top. Right inside you are trends of legends.

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