Article: “Illusions” Written By Anders Hansen

As you have been trying to make sense of the world and your reality throughout your life, it has been my livelihood to purposely deceive you and make you question that very reality. For years, I have studied the way you perceive the world and your assumptions about it. Always inventing new ways in which to take advantage of those assumptions… your sensory blind spots. I have practiced for tens of thousands of hours, to make sure my illusions hit those holes in your perception perfectly, just to have you arrive at the crossroad of “How did he do that?” and “That is impossible!” Welcome to my complex world of creating impossibilities. I am the illusionist who has been trying to deceive you and your senses in the name of entertainment for more than 20 years. Always in pursuit of the next impossible thing!
Keeping secrets is a large part of my job, however, there is one in particular I have to share with you today. Reality is far from what we are brought up to believe it is. The human brain processes 400 billion bits of information every single second from our environment and yet my friend, you are only consciously aware of about 2000 bits. Reality happens in our brain all the time, yet we have only learned to integrate a tiny fraction of it creating a huge gap in perception. This leaves your mind wide open for business from someone like me but most importantly, that gap leaves room for you to deceive yourself. In fact most people ARE living an illusion. What they believe to be true is not true at all. It is oftentimes the illusions we create through our limited five-senses that prevent most people from achieving what they really want in life.

As I was busy deceiving my audiences with feats like predicting the lottery numbers on TV and making real cars appear just by snapping my fingers, I was deceiving myself the most. Which is a great paradox, isn’t it? Like most people I was living from the outside in, letting my external world define me. Mainly through the social pollutant called “normal”. I’m sure you know “normal” too, don’t you? Where we grow up on the planet has its cultural stronghold in various shapes and sizes. It took me 26 years of “normal” to realize I just did not fit into the box no matter how hard I tried. So I sold everything of material value and left Denmark where I grew up. In the process I lost my business, many friendships and my dad who passed away shortly after.

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How I wish you could have been there with me as I landed on the other side of the planet, to experience the moment in life that would change everything. We all get that ONE moment in life that has the potential to change it for good and if you haven’t had yours yet, you will! Mine happened after touching down in Miami, just realizing I had lost almost everything. Except the two suitcases of earthly belongings I had with me. The trauma of this lasted about 12 hours, until the next morning. As I woke up, I heard a clear voice in my mind say, “finally, NOW you have everything!” The initial shock turned into exhilaration for me. It was THAT moment…

By losing everything I had of value, I realized that I had just won it all and even more in return. The real jackpot! The new country, the blank canvas, the space and ability to totally and completely create the life I wanted and not the life I thought others expected of me. Finally by being free of “normal”, I started living from the inside out!

Only the illusions covering up the truth can be lost, not the truth itself. By giving up on the false sense of securities in our external world, we are connecting to the source of who we truly are! By living from the inside out, and never second guessing that subtle voice within, there will always be an ample supply of inspiration from which to create a life beyond your wildest dreams…and then some.

Recently Bob Proctor shared with me the following quote: “If I want to be free, I have to be me”.

That is when I knew another illusion had left my life, as it is not who you are that is holding you back, it is who you think you are not! Cheers to destroying illusions and creating the “Impossible” together.

Anders Hansen

As a seasoned performer and speaker, Anders Hansen masterfully bridges two fields – Personal development and the art of illusion in a way never seen before. Anders uses his two decades of experience as a professional illusionist to illustrate how we deceive ourselves to help you see through the self-deception and live a life full of passion, purpose, and potential. Through keynote speeches and seminars he educates, motivates – and uses the art of magic to connect with his audience!

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