Motivation-111: #Lesson-1; #TOPIC» “Living Amidst Those Who Hardly Smile…”

»”Living amidst those who hardly smile is akin to living with vicious crocodiles in the deepest miles of River Nile.” ~NDJP

You deserve to be happy in life, everything that makes a man happy must not always come from the man himself; it may come from those surrounding him. Be careful the caliber of people you mingle with: are they contributing to your being happy or are they the sources of fountain of sadness showering on your life? There is no qualms saying that true joy comes from God; but God Himself succours mankind by using humans who have kind minds. 
Hence, you need those who are true children of God in order to feel the joy of God. If people around you are not desiring to put smiles on your face, then, have a riddance of them and seek for the right ones. Also, you should make sure that you are part of the reasons why those around you have smiles on their physiognomies. 
Your own happiness should come from your true friends: those you delight in making happy. Never share your problems with those who never delight in beholding smiles on your face. Problem shared is solved only if you have not shared it with the masterpiece of that problem of yours.
It is all about you and people surrounding you: choose your friends based of on trends and not on people’s looks. This is where today’s lecture is brought to an end. I hope to see you in our next class.
Do have a motivational time.
Tutor: NDJP
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