True-Life Story: “There is Always a Choice!” Written By Alena Chapman

The ultimate truth is that we have the ability to be, do and achieve anything we truly desire. Each of us has Divine Source running through us. We are connected to something so much bigger than ourselves. This is our time to shine.

Not having the awareness of this powerful truth handicaps us from achieving our full potential. Each challenge or obstacle weighs us down, instead of teaching and propelling us in our growth, waking us to blessings, beauty and true abundance. We allow outside circumstances and situations to affect how we feel and what we decide. We give our light and power away.



Sound hard to believe? Why? Life is the choices we make and what we believe about ourselves and our world. If I accept and feel in my heart that greatness of Divine Source runs through me, that I am full of possibilities and part of something so much bigger than myself, then I shape my decisions, actions and my life on this belief. If I feel that I do not deserve better, that life is hard and everyone is out to get me, that will be my reality. It will shape my life by how I respond and act and see everyone and everything I come in contact with every day.

There is your first choice. A life full of possibility – or one that is lacking? It really is that simple. I had decided to break out of my feelings of isolation, hurt, and anger to discover happiness and possibilities. I believed in my heart that it was possible to become that girl who once said “watch me” to any impossibility. The circumstances that entered my life gave me the opportunity to find and prove that I am that girl of achievement and happiness. I can honestly say that I would not have changed a single lesson because they not only taught me but forced me to find that inner beautiful light. My light of strength, compassion, greater knowing and understanding. Once I found my light and shined it brightly, my difficult circumstances changed into opportunities.

There was a time when two very difficult circumstances entered my life at the same time. The first was my long, eye-opening divorce after a 12-year marriage. Lawyers can be cruel and divorce is invasive and sometimes insulting. The person you loved, maybe had children with, built your whole world around has vanished. In his place is someone you do not know nor understand.

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As I grieved the disappearance of that life and dealt with the normal time-consuming divorce procedures, a series of events seemed to appear out of nowhere and made life very hard for my children and our family. Every day, sometimes two or three times a day, something would occur to scare us. Men lurking in the woods behind the house watching our every move, or being followed by not one but six cars, or even being escorted out of town by two police cars and one sheriff car. I remember calling my attorney and saying, “You would think I was Princess Diana with all this attention.”

Coming to terms with these two difficult circumstances can feel overwhelming. At first I was shocked. Why was this happening? All I wanted was a life full of happiness. What was the Universe thinking? As both circumstances grew more stressful and scary, I was discovering I had to rely on what I believed, not what was happening. When I began to do this, I gained clarity and focus and things began to change for the better.

We all have times that are very difficult. When these times hit, it is hard to admit that the life we have worked to create and always believed was the right way to live is now falling apart. The dream job has turned into a nightmare. The fairy-tale wedding doesn’t have the happy ever after. Although everything we know is falling apart, it is actually an opportunity to change. How we want to change is our choice. So we must open our eyes to the truth of our situation, to the influences that may be keeping us stuck, and decide from a point of clarity, who do we want to become? Where do we want our lives to go? And what is the best way to proceed?

I think everyone must know, deep down inside, there is something better. Life is a gift. We have a purpose. It is time to believe in our dreams, ourselves, and our abilities. Taking that first step out of your unhappy comfort zone is not only possible but necessary. No one was put on this earth to live in a situation that makes someone miserable. On the contrary, we were born to be happy. It is time to gather your courage to break through and live it.

Written By: Alena Chapman
Bestselling author, mentor, and speaker.

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