“A New Dawn in Abagana Football League” By Ferdinand Uzoma

“A  New Dawn in Abagana Football League”, an article written by Ferdinand Uzoma. Read more below…

It’s almost a year that I did a subtle criticism on the generality of our December football league.  

I tried to do the appraisal and reappraisal of the tournament in regards of evaluating its purpose and success. To some, I failed because they tagged it hate speeches while to others, I did well for asking questions.



One thing I learnt overtime is that people don’t accept criticism. They consider their acceptance based on favoritism, which means if the critic speaks against us the person will be called an opposition that must have been sent by probably those that contested and lost same position they occupy . They will cry that you are heating up the polity. But when it favours us, we clap and take all the glory. What I am doing is very clear, I look forward to seeing a strong and powerful tournament that can  unite Ndi Abagana.

It should be noted that we are the first to start such a tournament in Njikoka and other Local Governments around but the progression is not encouraging, hence my soft agitation.

A critic don’t condemn but suggest solution. We can grow better when we constructively criticise. I will make a suggestion because this write up won’t be complete if I don’t. 

There are so many things to be done that will enhance the development of this tournament and also yield maximum results in the Unity of Abagana but I will suggest two that can take care of others.

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1. If possible,  let the Unity Cup be combined with Ike Ndi Igbo tournament since they tend to achieve same purpose.  I think it will be better for maximum support from Chief Dr. Nwachukwu A. Anakwenze (MD, MPH, MBA).  Since he has shown the love he has for football, it will be nice to get him fully involved. I believe he will proudly support and get friends of like mind too.

2. Transparency is the bane of any organization. It shapes the people’s perception. People always feel cheated in some instances that involves money. If transparency will be fully adopted in the organization of Abagana Unity Cup,  it will save us unwarranted criticism and also give room for people to help more. It will help the participants appreciate the struggle of the organizers. Everybody will understand that the organizers are doing more with less and they won’t feel cheated or used.

Finally, let the organizers always publish or identify those that make promises without fulfilling because we are tired of same people calling thousands and millions every year without bringing any. 

An unconfirmed report has it that a certain donor in the the Football League totally monopolized the administration and will not allow any other to assist while delaying his own contribution at the detriment of the participants. It is more of Politics than it’s intended goals .

We can’t stop writing . We do that for quality assurance mechanism . Till will get it right.

Thank you

Uzoma Ferdinand

Abagana, Anambra State.


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