We know that one of the reasons for increase in breakups among partners is due to lack of necessary advice which will help them to build a truthful, fruitful, purposeful, and successful relationship. Read more to discover more…

Building a true relationship is the mutual responsibility of both partners involved; hence these fourteen (14) pieces of advice on relationship is for both genders. 

Read them carefully and feel free to drop comments in case you have questions, suggestions, or contributions to make.



1. Sleeping alone is better than sharing your BED with someone who shares a BED with someone else when you are not around.

2. Cheating does not mean you have to kiss, meet or have sex with a third party. Once you find yourself deleting texts and e-mails so that your partner will not see them, you are already there.

3. If a man is crazy about you, pray he does not get well, if he is getting well, know that another woman is giving him some tablets.

4. First love may not die, but true love can bury it. Don’t be quick to conclude your love for someone, let days/weeks pass before saying “yes, I really love her”. You can’t confirm true love within days or weeks of meeting someone.

5. If you still believe “LOVE IS BLIND” then I know for sure MARRIAGE WILL OPEN IT FOR YOU; only if you end up marrying the right person. So, be careful when you choose your life partner.

6. A woman’s beautiful face attracts a flirt; A woman’s beautiful heart attracts a lover; A woman’s beautiful character attracts a man. Don’t just be beautiful, be dutiful, be respectful, be faithful to your partner.

7. Never you fall in love because you are lonely, fall in love because you are ready. Let there be a good purpose for your going into a relationship.

8. A blessed water is better than a cursed fried rice. A Godly poor man is far much better than an angry rich man in marriage. You can join hands with him to make him rich.

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9. I will rather have you stay in your father’s house that you are sure of than pack into a man’s house you are not sure of.

10. Most men base their capacity of manhood on their abilities to fertilize ovaries and produce children. Any man can impregnate a woman. The real deal is HOW MANY MEN CAN BE THE FATHER TO THEIR CHILDREN, not promoters of ABORTION?

11. HOLY Wives do not just speak in tongues they MANAGE their homes, make SUPER meals, raise GODLY kids, and finally, they bring out the KING in their man.

12. When you tend to your garden diligently you will be the one to reap the fruit of the vine hereof. The way you build your relationship determines how your relationship will be.

13. You can say “sorry” a million times, say ” I love you” as much as you want, say whatever you want, but if you are not going to prove that the things you say are true, then do not say anything at all. Because if you cannot show it, your words do not mean a thing.

14. Never you lie in order to satisfy somebody for a moment because the pain that you cause them in the future can last them for a lifetime. Be wary of the words you utter, it’s better to be silent than to utter lies.

Please, note that these fourteen (14) pieces of advice ain’t just all you need to make your relationship better and worth be in. There are lots of others, only take those ones that will work for you and your partner.

Thanks for coming around. If you want to enjoy your relationship, then it is the duty of you and your partner to make that possible.

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