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so much love to talk or write about reality, about things that are real; so
today I am going to unveil my opinion on this issue which is already
becoming a tradition in our society. I look forward to read your opinions, contributions and/or suggestions after you have finished reading this article.

I have read lots
of posts on the social media (published by girls/ladies) to seek
suggestions/advice on what to do because the men who want to marry them (the
girls in question) insist on having sex with them or else the marriage
won’t work out.

Apart from the ones I read on the
internet, I have also listened to such matter on radio stations during
programs on love, relationship, marriage, and sexual matters.

have also overheard girls saying such to someone; and also few out of
my female friends/clients who confide in me have once or twice told me something
like that.

I keep wondering what is wrong with such
men who are guilty of that. What is wrong with them? Would such men die
or lose their potency if they didn’t have sex with girls they want to

It is really very bad for a man to tell a girl that he won’t marry her unless he has slept with her; it is an act of wickedness, and such a mess should not be encouraged in our society. Maybe girls who are victim of such should be insisting that such men should pay millions into their bank accounts before having sex with them. This is really crazy!

concern is not for a girl who won’t mind sleeping with a man who wants
to marry her before he comes to pay her bride price; but for those girls
who don’t want to do so before marriage, and of course, having sex with a girl before taking her to the altar is never among the things either religion or tradition stipulate to be done before one gets married. 

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What is wrong
if the man goes on to pay her bride price, wed her before having sex
with her? Does having sex with her makes the girl to be his wife
forever? Why would such men desire to waste that sperm rather than waiting after wedding and other marriage rites have been done?

What is the problem with those men who do
such? Go on and marry the girl, yes, marry her if truly you (the man)
love her for real, or what will determine if she would be good for you to marry is her sexual performance or how much she has satisfied you on bed.

Tell me, how sure am I that the man
would not leave the girl after he has finished having sex with her.
This issue is getting out of hand and lots of girls are really confused
over the decision to take. If we keep quiet, the issue will keep on to tarry in our society and you have sisters and (will still) have daughters.

My aim of bring up this
issue or trend is for us to make contributions, for us to discuss this
issue. Please, say something about this; lots of girls are in confusion,
many are dying inside all because they don’t know what to do and may not
know who to tell.

I urge girls to always pray hard,
they should pray that God should bring the right men for them. I have
female relations and friends, at least that should be enough reason for
me to express my concern on this issue.

Please, let’s
know your say on this, are you in support or against it? Has it happened
to you or to someone you know? Share your experiences with us. It’s time for us to start
putting mouth in certain bad acts men do in our society.

Don’t forget to share this with other persons, let them be part of this discussion.

Till doomsday, I remain The Inspirational Parrot

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