Part-28: Inspirational Words By The Inspirational Parrot

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Today, we are going to enjoy some Inspirational words written by NDJP (who is also known as The Inspirational Parrot or The Motivational Pilot-1). 


Today’s Inspirational Words:

Whoever that is truly and seriously seeking for
PEACE, has seen or known more than a lot about the adverse effects of VIOLENCE

It is yet another moment
for me to share some words of inspiration, advice, and wisdom with you. I know
you are doing pretty well this day? Just relax and enjoy the few words of
inspiration I have for you in this edition of the program.
I am so happy that you are
here once again today to enjoy the inspirational meal I have prepared for you.
Nobody would be happy after preparing a meal meant to be eaten by others and no
one (not even one person) tastes it. So, you understand how happy I am, knowing
that you are here today.

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In life, some people love
peace more than violence, and they are known for peacemaking; hence, they are
called peacemakers. Such people hate violence, war, dispute, quarrel, among
others. Whenever there is a disagreement or dispute, their utmost aim/desire is
to restore peace.
On the other hand, there
are people who so much love violence, they hunger for violence just the same
way a suckling hungers for his/her mother’s breast milk. In fact, they are the
people who would initiate dispute; they are troublemakers and feel happy
whenever there is violence around them. This set of people care not to know who
would be injured or killed at the end as the case may be. All they desire is
that there should be violence.

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Now, the truth is that the
peacemakers or peace seekers truly know much about the adverse effects of
violence; they know the disadvantages of violence, and that it has no gain not
only to them but to the people around them.
But, the troublemakers or
the initiators of violence are ignorant of what people would pass through or
stand to lose during/after the course of violence. Anyway, it is not all of
them that are ignorant of that, but some of them. Some actually know how nasty the
outcome of violence would be, but they don’t care. Such people are selfish, all
they know are themselves.
Before I end this piece of
writing, let me bring to your knowledge that at times, violence would be allowed to take place in order for peace to reign. Peacemakers can resort to violence so as to
establish peace, most especially when the other party causing violence has
refused to have their differences settled amicably.

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We may have heard that
people or nation are fighting for peace or for freedom or for justice, and so
on, such violence is aimed at achieving something good, and geared towards defeating
the troublemakers. Such violence is a sacrifice to be made in order for peace (or
whatever reason the violence is been initiated for) to be established.
In summary, the message
from today’s quote is that we should be peace makers, seekers, and lovers; and
never troublemakers or lovers of violence.

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Thanks for been here on this day, I hope you grabbed something from this
piece of writing? Please, do not just go without coming back some other time,
if possible let your coming to this site be daily.

I can’t let you go without letting you know that I am so happy that you made it to this edition of the program; I am hopefully expecting you to come around again for the subsequent editions, and feel free to check out previous/other editions of this program. Till you come around again, remain inspired.

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Written By NDJP, also known as The Inspirational Parrot and/or The Motivational Pilot-1. See you tomorrow for another inspiring edition of this program.

Quotes, articles, and other things written by NDJP are always logical and need great wisdom and pensive thinking to comprehend them.

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