In this article, I am going to
tell boys how to use every girl they meet in life; but I am going to be brief
in this article. It is going to interesting.

I am here to tell you (boys)
how to make use of every girl you meet in life, and not really how to use her,
as in having sex with her.
On meeting a girl, first thing
to think of should be the reason why God has made it possible for you guys to
know each other.
Don’t tell me that the reason
why God connects a boy and a girl is for them to have intercourse. That is a
big lie. There must be one good reason at least why God connect people.
It is left for you to discover
that good reason. Think of how to make good use of her and not bad use of her
so as to fulfill the will of God for letting two of you to meet each other.
Ask yourself what good
qualities you can get from her, and at the same time asking yourself what good
qualities she can get from you.
The will of God for connecting
you with a girl is to make good use of her; to bring out the best in her and to
wring out the beast in her.
Your meeting her isn’t to just
have sexual intercourse with her and that’s all. Some of the girls you come
across in life are those God has prepared to make your life better and/or those
you are prepared to make their lives better through good use.
So, dear boys, how to use every
girl you meet in life is not to take her to bed, but to make positive impacts
in her life; make sure you add something useful to her life on meeting her.
Let me also bring to your
knowledge that some girls you may come across in life may not even agree for
you to make good use of them.
Some girls are so naughty that
no matter how much you try making good use of them, they would resist; and if
care is not taking, they may even be the ones to make bad use of you (the boy).
If you are not making good use
of her, then you are abusing her; and that’s not how to use a girl you meet in
That is not how God wants you
to use the girl; yes, that is not how to use the girl. Help the girl become a
better person in life.
Thanks for coming; if you were
expecting me to tell you in this post how to sleep with a girl which is what
some boys term “using a girl”, then you are wrong.
From today, I need every boy
who has come across this post to learn how to make good use of every girl he
meets in life.
Remember, I am not a saint, but
I do my best to live a good life and to learn my lessons from any bad
lifestyles I may have lived in the past.
I cannot be here asking other
boys to be making good use of every girl they meet, whereas I myself am not
making good use of girls I meet in life.
In case you have anything to
say, the comment session is free for you to use. I appreciate you for coming. Share
with others.
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