I am not disputing the fact
that some boys or rather most boys are of the notion that every girl they come
across in life is a sex object so long the girl is not a close relation.

In as much as I blame boys for
such attitude of theirs; I am also blaming girls on the other hand for allowing
themselves to be taken as sex objects by boys they met.
Please my dear girls, do not
develop hatred for a boy because he expressed his sexual feelings for you. We
boys are humans and tend to develop feelings for girls.
Dear girls, feel free to shun
us, but don’t hate us for having sexual feelings towards you. You can remind a
boy that you have a boyfriend or that he isn’t your boyfriend.
If he really developed such feelings
for you unintentionally, he will surely understand and get back to his right
I must say that it is really
appalling and very bad how lots of boys have lost useful things God had
prepared for them through some girls all because they have chosen to take every
girl they come across in life as sex object.
Some girls can be keys to some
boys’ successes in life; some girls you (a boy) come across in life can be sources
of helps to you; some girls can help connect you to your dream office, work, or
That’s why every boy MUST NOT
see every girl he meets in life as a sex object. I came to meet my foster mom
through her first daughter.
If I had been interested in
having sex with her, I may not have had the opportunity of been connected to
her family, especially the mom.
Today, she is happily married
to her dream husband, but I am still in good relationship with her family. Same
has been the case with lots of other girls I have met in life.
If as a boy, all you think of
on meeting a girl is how to sleep with her; I am so sorry to remind you once
again that not every girl a boy meets in life should be a sex object, and you may
end up losing the good things that may come from the girl.
On meeting a girl, don’t put so
much attention on sleeping with her; have time to assess her and see what she
is made of and the positive roles she can play in helping you achieve your
goals in life.
I know how hard it might be for
a boy to meet a nice looking girl and be able to control himself from not
having sexual feelings towards the girl.
I am a boy and I know how hard
it has been for me to curtailing myself from thinking of having sexual
intercourse with girls I come across in life. It’s not been easy, I must
Not that I don’t use to have
sexual urge towards them, but because of whom those girls have taken me to be,
and the roles I want to play in their lives, I do my best to control myself.
Having an erection when you are
all alone with a girl is not evidence that you MUST have sexual intercourse
with her. Did you get that?
You don’t let your erection and
sexual urge to control you, you control them. The truth is that you MUST start
controlling them in time and not leaving the urge to intensify.
Most of those girls I have come
across in life are those I mentor academically or offer relationship advice to,
among other reasons. Most of them despite the fact that they admire me and may
even fall for me should in case I make move to sleep with them; yet I avoid
Most times, I do avoid their
visits or kind of show them strict policies that won’t let them to show
behaviours that may lure me into having sex with them.
Maybe as a boy you have not
been with a girl all alone in room and she began to behave in a manner that
would turn you on. She may start bringing her body so close to you or some
other things that may get you thinking of having intercourse with her.
In few occasions I did fall
victim to this, but I did not allow it to continue. Sometimes, after the first
incident and knowing that I may not be able to stop it, I do stay away from such
a girl; yes, distance yourself from her.
Imagine in a case where a girl
has contacted you to get an advice on her relationship issues or for you to help
teach her something or guide her on a course, and along the line she began to
develop feelings for you, I mean sexual feelings. In such case, you have to try
your best to control yourself. But it might be very hard ooooo, but do your
best, okay.
It must not be a girl that will
first show sexual feelings for a boy; boys can also be the ones to make the
move, some boys can even go to the ambit of confusing of cajoling the girl into
sleeping with them.
Listen, at times girls do have
feelings of having intercourse with a boy but they do not express such feelings
(they are kind of recessive or weak in expressing such feelings); in such case
they tend to reciprocate once a boy makes a move. Just kiss her lips and she
will pull off her dress immediately.
You as a boy may not have
discussed anything naughty with her since you met her, but you would be shocked
by her reactions on expressing your sexual feelings for her or on touching her
sexually on her visit to you.
But please, the message I am
sending out to my fellow boys is that not all girls you meet in life should be
considered as a sexual object.
If you don’t know, know it
today that there are girls who can have sexual feelings for you (a boy) and
even go further having sex with you even though you ain’t her boo. Such girls
exist for real.
My advice is that your main
intention towards every girl you come across in life should not be having sex
with her. First of think of something good and non-sexual you can get from her.
For the first few weeks or
months of meeting a girl, please control your sexual feelings towards her. Keep
her, assess her values and abilities and see how you can make good of her.
Thanks for coming to this
platform today; I am not a saint or the most righteous but I do my best to use
my experiences in various aspects of my life to make positive impacts in the
lives of others.
I have sexual organ just like
every other male does (mine may even be more developed that others’); I have
sexual urge just as every potent and biologically normal male human should. But
I am in control of my mind and my body.
Even when I ended up falling
victim, I do not continue; I do caution myself and make sure I do not fall
victim again, even if I fall, let it not be the same person.
Remember that we are humans
because we have SENSE and not because we have SEX (be it in terms of
intercourse or in terms of gender).
I am happy that you have read
this piece of advice; please let me have your views on this. Do not forget to share
with others.
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