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Good Friday reminds us of the suffering, crucifixion, and death of Jesus Christ while He was on earth. It was traditional to give wine to those who were to be crucified. They mingled this with myrrh and it was bitter. He tasted it but refused to drink it (Matthew 27:34).

“And the scripture was
fulfilled.” Mark 15:28
Further Reading: Mark 15:15,
It was traditional to give wine
to those who were to be crucified. They mingled this with myrrh and it was
bitter. He tasted it but refused to drink it (Matthew 27:34).
Thus Jesus signified He was
ready to go through the bitterness of the crucifixion and not to have the
benefit of the drink.
The drink was supposed to
alleviate the suffering of the cross. He was determined to go through the full
suffering for the full deliverance of mankind.
O! He went through much pain and gave His life
for you and I. what have you given for Him?
In Psalm 22:18, it was prophesied
that they would part His garment and cast lots upon His vesture.
In Isaiah 53:12, it was prophesied
that He was to be numbered with the transgressors, and He would bare the sin of
All these things came to pass
thus laying credence to Jesus as the Messiah. Your belief in Him should be total
because of these facts.
He deserves your total
allegiance because of the great love with which He loved you.
Pray to be more determined to
live for Him.
[The above Devotional was taken from the Daily Devotional of Daily
Care from on High]
Most times I do think what if all
the facts about the life, miracles, suffering, crucifixion, and death of Jesus
Christ were found to be false; what would then be the fate of those who have
being proclaiming the good news of God and Jesus Christ?
For over 2000 years ago that
Jesus lived on earth, nobody has been able to disprove the reality about His
true identity. People had come up with different stories trying to refute the
credibility of the true identity and existence of God; but no one has been able
to disprove the truth.
God is really in existence and
Jesus Christ is the Son of God Who came to the world, did miracles, suffered,
was crucified, and died for the redemption of the world and forgiveness of our
Lots of facts were revealed in
the passage read; Jesus refused to take the wine mixed with myrrh because He
had made up His mind to bear the whole sufferings so as to fulfill His mission
on earth.
Apart from the fact that He did
not accept to drink the wine which supposed to relieve Him of the pains He
passed through on the cross of Calvary; also lots of prophesies made by past
Prophets were fulfilled.
I myself have taken my time to
think of the truth about the life of Jesus Christ and His mission; but at the
end I cannot find anything to disprove His true identity.
On Good Friday, Jesus Christ
chose to die for us; he bore the pains of His sufferings and crucifixion in
full, just to bring salvation to mankind. That is a task that nobody would
accept to carry out but He accepted it.
I hope you are not among those
who have been crucifying Christ over and over again? What is that thing you are
doing that has been nailing Christ over and over again on the Cross of Calvary?
Think soberly and take a good change.
As you join in the remembrance
of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ, may blessings of the Lord shower on
On this year’s Good Friday,
nail every sin in your life to the cross as we remember how Christ was
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The above
Reflection was written by Asiegbu, Chinonso

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