In this post, I took my time to list out twenty-five (25) ways through which wives can make their respective husbands to love them more and more. Read more and feel free to drop your opinions in comments…

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You may not be a lady or you may be a lady but not yet married, this piece is still deemed useful to you, okay. You can as well share this with others (especially those who are married or about to get married, both males and females).
1. Discover his favorite pet name and call him by that. Not just once, but as often as possible. Remember, I said HIS FAVORITE, and not YOUR FAVORITE.
2. Allow him to exercise his authority as the head of the family. I mean his normal authority as the head of the family, like letting him know before you take certain decisions that the head of a family should be in charge of, and so on.
3. Do not challenge him when he is hurt. Whenever you discover that he is hurt (or kind of deeply annoyed), please and please, don’t challenge him rather be calm and seek ways to palliate his anger or to mellow down his mind. In fact, do not hurt him.
4. Be silent when he is angry. You can go back to him in his sober moment with apology and explain why you behaved in the way that annoyed him if you are the source/cause of his anger.
5. Be quick to say “I am sorry dear”. Whenever you offend him, insist on his forgiveness and kiss him when he does. Yes, you should kiss him or use any other act of love/romance as an appreciation to him for forgiven you.
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6. Speak good of him before his friends and siblings. Do not go about saying bad of him in the presence of others; he may be truly a bad person, but that doesn’t give you the go-ahead order to be telling everyone how bad he is, okay. You can choose few of his friends and siblings (good ones ooo) and confide in them. I hope they can be of help in heelping him to change.
7. Honour his mother. This may sound somehow, most especially if his mother is saucy and arrogant, and always looks for your trouble. No matter what, please try as much as you can to honour her, okay. Thanks for choosing to.
8. Insist that he buys gift for his parents and so be sure that he will do same for your parents. This is a way of showing him that you love his parents in as much as you love yours.
9. Surprise him with his favorite dish especially when he does not have enough money at hand. This is very important, okay. Some ladies go into marriage with the same mentality they had when still in relationship: he must not always be the one to bring the money for the food. Yes, I know it is his responsiblity, but I said when he does not have enough money at hand. This will make him realize how understandable and observant you (his wife) are having know that he does not have enough money at hand.
10. Do not allow maid to serve him food when you are at home, because you may lose him to them. Let me not talk too much in this one; if you like, sit down and be forming Madam while your maid is carrying out your responsiblity. You must be in charge or else you may give someone else (if not the maid) to take charge of your husband.
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11. Give him warm reception with an embrace when he returns, collect his luggage and help undress him. Be lively, be lovely, be caring, be concerned, okay. Shun laziness and ego; receive him in a lovely way whenever his back from work or a trip/journey.
12. Smile when you look at him and give him occasional perks when you are out on a social event. Men love this so much, let him see that love you have for him right there in your eyes. When you go out with him, make him feel loved, okay.
13. Praise him before your children. You may be saying “what is this one even saying?”; but you have to praise him before them. Let it not be all the time you will be saying ill of him in the presence of your kids, that may make them have bad impression of their dad, and even lead them to be disrespectful to him.
14. Wash his back while he is in the tub or shower. You know how best to do this one nah. I should not tell you what you should do.
15. Put love note in his lunch pack or purse. This will be fun okay, just do it.
16. Phone and tell him that you miss him. Yes, some wives are so ignorant of this; ring him and be like “sweetheart (or which other pet name you call him), I am missing you!”; even if it’s not up to an hour that he left you.
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17. Dial his number and on hearing “hello” just tell him I love you. Let love lead, okay.
18. If he is a public figure or politician, gently wake him at the early hours of the morning and romance him to the point of demand. He will not be enticed by any other woman that day. This is a great secret.
19. Tell him how lucky you are to have him as your husband. Yes, tell him ooooooo; some women would always be telling their husbands how much regret they have for marrying them. If truly you love him, then let him know how lucky you are having married him.
20. Give him a hug for no reason. Let it not be only when he has done something for you, then you remember hugging him. Hug him for no reason, even when you asked for something and he hasn’t done it for you.
21. Appreciate GOD for the Adam of your life. You cannot leave God out of this; He is the One Who joined two of you together. So, always appreciate God for giving you the right man and ask Him to protect him for you.
22. Implement these laws that every morning your family will wake up and pray. Praying together brings unity; especially doing it together every morning.
23. Value your husband because you may not have the second chance to love him. If you don’t have any other husband (maybe another man), then you should value him, okay. 
24. Eat together with him. Don’t just serve him food and go away, stay with him and let you and your husband eat together; it does so much good in intensifying the love your husband has for you.
25. Pray to GOD to protect him (especially whenever you are praying with your family). If u practice all these, your husband will be afraid to cheat on you, Even if he does, his mind will not be at rest. If your husband is already cheating on you, begin to practice these and you will win him back. Do support it with prayers because nothing is impossible with GOD.
Remember that the key to a happy married life is UNDERSTANDING EACH OTHER.
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