In this article, I am
going to expose to you one great reason why you should never give up in that
good thing you are doing. I am going to make it brief and interesting. Enjoy it…

Many times, I have wanted to
give up in writing and blogging due to certain challenges and setbacks I had
Not only in writing and blogging alone; there was time during my undergraduate days when I wanted to quit school because of certain challenges I am facing then.
I know, yes I am sure, that I
am very good in motivating, inspiring, and guiding others. In spite of that, could you believe that
I have suffered depression?
The degree of depression I had
experienced in the past was the kind that I wished to be dead. I always saw my failures even
before starting up anything. I felt so demoralized that I cannot think very
But I did not give up because I
am damn sure that giving up cannot pave way for me to make it to the top of my
destiny and carrier. 
Today, I am Graduate and I really made a good result despite the challenges I had. I did not give up, I wasn’t beaten. 
Even during second year in the university; my dad died a day to my second semester examination; but I did not give up in my academics.
I am sure and I believe that my
tomorrow will be better and greater than my today only if I will be determined and focus on
achieving success rather than baring my psyche to self-pity and inferiority
So many people do feel like
giving up, not just in what they are doing, but giving up in life entirely.
Giving up begins in the mind before it is finally manifested physically.
Now, let me unveil to you what
Babe Ruth said in one of his quotes concerning giving.
But before then, it would be
awesome to tell you a bit about this legend in question; I mean Babe Ruth.
George Herman “Babe”
Ruth Jr. was an American professional baseball player whose career in Major
League Baseball spanned 22 seasons, from 1914 through 1935. 
As record has it; he was born
on 6th February, 1895, in Pigtown, Baltimore, Maryland, United States. He
died on 16th August, 1948, in Manhattan, New York City, New York,
United States.
His nicknames include: The Great Bambino, The Sultan of Swat, The Big
, and others.
Hey! I am happy to tell you
that Babe Ruth holds the record for the most seasons (11) with 40+ home
runs in MLB, according to Wikipedia.
In one of his quotes, he opined:
It’s hard to beat a person who never gives
–Babe Ruth
I must tell you that he was
right saying that; very right, you only got beaten when you have given up. If I
had given up on writing and blogging, on inspiring and guiding people; I won’t be
here today; I would not have written this piece you are reading.
If I had given up, I would have
been beaten by my challenges, worries, devastation, depression, and so many
other factors that were hindering me then.
It was owing to the fact that I
never gave up that this blog is looking this way. It took me three years plus
to get to this point.
I kept working on myself, my
writing skills, and my online programs. I kept working on the looks and designs
of this blog. Today, this site’s SEO is now intact.
I did not give up on making sure
that the performance of this blog is improved. Now, I am pretty sure that lots
of our visitors now enjoy the blog: the loading speed, the navigation, the
contents, the looks, and so many things.
I did not give up even after
Google has refused to approve Adsense for this blog (more than once). That did not discourage me
from continuing because I don’t want to be beaten.
It is all because I never
accepted to give up, because I am damn sure that God who gave me this vision and
gift won’t let me down.
Maybe you want to be beaten by those
challenges or problems? Then go on and give up. Be determined; persevere even
when it seems to be severe.
In recapitulation, giving up
when you should not give up would not help in paving your way to the top.
Thanks for coming to this site
today; I am always happy knowing that lots of people visit this blog to read up
our contents.
Although lots of people have
not dropped comments so far; I am so encouraged by the comments already dropped
I pray that we won’t give up in
playing the necessaries roles that will help us in achieving our respective
goals, so that none of us would be beaten.
Make sure you share with others;
and before you go offline or off this site, kindly check out other updates.
Thanks once again.
Written By:
Chinonso Emmanuel
Phone: +2348037834016
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