A Must Read: “ONE MORE SHOT!” By Michael C. Samuel

I hope you will learn something
from this fascinating article (One More Shot!) written by Michael C. Samuel who
is the author of the life-changing book titled “The Power of Intellect”. Enjoy
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Oh yes, I have seen and
experienced situations where I think that I can’t overcome them or have them
been solved.
I have also heard stories of
different individuals based on their life experiences. I tell you if you have
been or if you are a coach you will get to know that people are passing through
a lot in life.
Listen, no matter any situation
you are passing through now, no matter how hard you think it is, no matter how
you are feeling about the whole thing, I want you to know something today. I
want you to understand something different today.
You may have lost hope; you may
have thought that nothing can be done in your own case. Now hear me, I want you
to keep your head up and believe in what I am about to tell you now.
That predicament that you have
tried to solve but all your efforts have proved abortive needs one more thing
to make it right.
That scholarship you have been
seeking for and it looks like you are wasting your time, it needs one more
The admission you have been
seeking for and it seems to you that you are not serious; it also needs one
more thing.
That building project you have
started and all of a sudden you lost zeal to continue due to one thing or the
other, it needs one more thing.
Hello young lady, you have
prayed to God to give you the Mr. right of your life who you will spend the
rest of your life with, but after all your fasting and prayers you still remain
in your parent’s house and for the case of that, you are complaining.
Such situations mentioned above
need one more thing to perfect it.
You as a Minister of God, you
have asked Him to increase your members and your power but after much more, you
still remain in the same stage, you really need one more thing.
Yes, you need one more thing to
perfect all your odd moments. You need just “ONE MORE SHOT” to make
it right.
You need one more shot to
change the whole thing. Just one more shot from you will skyrocket you to your
dream place. Just one more shot will change your story.
I tell you, it is never late,
you can still do it. You can still reach your place of aspirations. Just one
more of your arrow that you will shoot will make you smile again.
Try it now and see yourself
moving ahead without been held back. One more of your shot will answer all your
Now set your arrow and target
it to the spot and then shoot right there; do it now or never. I am writing to
inspire you. I’m writing to empower you. I’m writing to encourage you.

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I’m Michael C. Samuel; an inspirational
Writer. Feel free to order for a copy of my latest/new book, “Power of Intellect”;

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