There is no doubt saying that motivation is very essential in everyone’s life. Living each day of your life without any form of encouragement is one of the worst experiences of life. Use these 15 encouraging quotes from NDJP to keep your psyche motivated today. Enjoy them below…


> Being great is not all about boasting with your
greatness but boosting others with your greatness; it’s not showing others how
great you are but helping them to discover and uncover their own greatness. –NDJP

> Only those who are determined in unleashing
their potentials will have manifold stories of victories recorded in the book
of histories. –NDJP

> You have to be strong, even when others think
you’re wrong. Don’t let ill things others talk about you to drag you down,
don’t let their gloating jibes to make you frown. Believe in your destiny,
believe in God Almighty. –NDJP

> Fight not just because you have the might to
fight; rather, fight aright to make things right and to make your future
bright. –NDJP

> Every good insight you have will give you a
clear sight and an inexhaustible might to fight your life challenges aright in order
for you to eradicate your plight and make your future bright. –NDJP

> You need not to be physically RUGGED for you to

> If you cannot be able to SAVE someone, then, be
able to SHAVE his psyche to a shape that will make him to be BRAVE enough to
SAVE himself. –NDJP

> You cannot get to your desired/destined
DESTINATIONS when your life does not have its true DEFINITIONS and your plans
and thoughts are in the wrong DIRECRIONS. –NDJP

> Activation of success and inhibition of failures
are amongst the essential trends of successful legends. –NDJP

> Those who have the power to empower themselves
have the power to power and empower others who desire to empower themselves. –NDJP

> Never fail to let go of anything or anybody who
can’t keep you on the go towards achieving your goals: losing your fake fellows
or things is like getting rid of your sorrows. –NDJP

> It’s better for your life to be stressful at the
beginning but at the end, you become successful. –NDJP

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> The story of a poor man’s life experiences and
success cannot exclude his qualities of having patience, persistence, and
confidence. –NDJP

> If you don’t LEARN what you should LEARN, then,
you won’t EARN what you ought to EARN! –NDJP

> Don’t wait until people empower you before you
can power yourself; keep doing the little you can do, the more you contribute
that little you are endowed with, the larger it becomes: I can still remember
how I started, now, I have gone far, to the ambit that I am now afar from my
starting point, and my desired end point is no more that far from my position
at the moment… –NDJP

I hope you find those quotes encouraging? We are here to add values and motivation into your life.

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