In some of my recent articles, I have talked about what holds people back. It is the desire of everyone to
move forward in life, including myself. Or do you prefer setbacks? I know you
won’t. Find out in this article what holds some people back…

So many people toil day and
night, putting in best of their efforts to see that they progress in life; yet
they keep experiencing setbacks.
Whenever you think that
something is holding you back, the first thing that should come into your mind should be: “Am I the cause?”
Someone’s mindsets can hold him/her
back. Lots of people are damn defeatists and pessimists, and this keeps holding
them back in whatever they do.
The state of one’s mind is one
of the determining factors that account for one’s success in whatever he/she
has made up his/her mind to do.
You should not expect success
when in your mind you have lost hope of achieving success, because if you have
lost hope in progressing, you will lack interest in working hard to achieve
your goals.
In essence, some
people no longer hope for the best. They just hope to avoid the worst, and that
is what holds them back.
We should endeavour to always
hope for the best, to work hard in achieving the best by doing the necessary
things required for success to be achieved. By so doing, nothing will hold you
back from moving forward.
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