No need to worry any longer because
in this post you are going to find out what is holding you back as opined by
Anders Hansen, an Illusionist. When you discover the illusions that are
holding you back in your life, so you can live a life full of passion, purpose
and potential!

Sometimes you may find yourself
in a situation where you would be stuck to one point. Under such condition, you
are not making any move forward. Despite all you do, you ain’t making any
success or progress.
Under such state you may be
attributing what is holding you back to something else (which might definitely not be
the real thing holding you back).
Something or somebody (maybe)
is definitely holding you back. But you might be wrong pointing at something or
somebody else; you may be the one who is holding yourself back without knowing. Your mindset about who you are might be what is holding you back. What do you think?
And do you know the outcome of
tagging the wrong thing/person as what is holding you back? O yes, if you do
so, you will definitely not going to move forward at all.
Until you discover the real
cause of a problem, you won’t be able to put an end to that particular problem.
There is no how you are going to solve a problem without first of all finding
out the true cause of it. Not what you assume is the cause, but the real cause.
Now, let us see in the next
paragraph what Anders Hansen opined that is holding some people back. You may or may not
believe his own philosophy about what is holding people back; but I will say
that he is right to certain extent.
According to one of the philosophies of Anders Hansen, who is an
illusionist: “It is not who
you are that is holding you back, it is who you think you are not!”
Yes, some people are so much
concerned with who they are not; I am not saying that you should not think of
becoming someone else, so long who you are aspiring to become is somebody that is
better than you already are. Of course, it should be someone better than the person you are at the moment.
All I am advising is that you
should not let who you think you are not to be holding you back in life. You are
somebody already, work on that person you are at the moment; develop your
present person and try to add more values to your present self. 
You develop who you are at the moment by acquiring more useful skills, exposing yourself to certain things and people, meeting those people who have better qualities and who can influence you positively, gathering more useful knowledge, and believing within you that you have the potential to become someone better than the present person you are right now.
Appreciate that good person you
are right now. Do not use because of who you think you are not to lose that
great person you are at the moment.
I knew when this blog is wacky and kind of messy (a year ago when both the mobile and desktop version are nothing to write home about); I kept on acquiring more skills on writing, managing blogs, and some skills about programming/coding.
I kept exposing myself and my works to the world; I also wait to hear their suggestions, advice, compliments, and so on. I cannot count the number of times readers of this site have complimented the awesome design/look of this blog, and even the contents.
Listen, if you end up losing that
great person you are at the moment, then you are definitely going to lose that greater
person you would have become tomorrow if you had paid attention to and
developed who you are today.
Now that you have known what is
holding some people back as opined by Anders Hansen, look into your own
life to see if you fall among those people that are being held back because of
who they think they are not.
I am going to stop here; I hope
you have grabbed something useful from this article. It is always my aim to use
my articles to make positive impacts in the lives of my readers.
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Stay good and positive, and
make sure you do not let who you think you are not to hold you back.


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