It is the dream of every person
(lover) to be lucky in love, and Mignon McLaughlin said it all in one of her quotes. Find out as you read more…



Before we continue, let us briefly look at the
identity Mignon McLaughlin…

McLaughlin was an American journalist and author; born on 6th of June 1913, Baltimore,
Maryland, United States. She died on 20th of December 1983, Coral
Gables, Florida, United States.

She did her education in Smith College. Her books
include: The Complete Neurotic’s Notebook,
Aperçus: The Aphorisms of Mignon

Having given you a bit information about Mignon
I am not going to waste your
time in this post so that you can have enough time to take a good look at and
enjoy some other posts on this blog. I am going to go straight to the point.
I believe that once a lover who
truly desires to be successful in love applies this wonderful tip from Mignon
McLaughlin in his/her love life, the love will flow smoothly so long his/her
partner is doing the same.
According to Mignon McLaughlin,
to be lucky in love requires falling in love many times and always with the
same person.
So, if you are among those
looking forward to establishing a successful love life with their partners,
then heed to the advice of Mignon McLaughlin: you are required to fall in love
many times and always with the same person.
I believe that one of the reasons why partners cheat is because they do not apply the above mentioned tip in their love life: they fail to fall in love with the same person many time.
Thanks for coming around to grab something useful from this blog.
Put others in the know of this
tip by sharing with them. Having known this, you can now go and enjoy your love
with your partner.
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