Everyone desires to live a
satisfying life right? But you have to bear in mind that mere wishes never
bring riches or the desired dishes. You have to make that possible; that’s why I
am sharing with you (in this article) the three (3) stages of a satisfying

I am not going to write much in
this post; it is not in all my articles that I write much words. Sometimes, few
words are ample to pass the message to the readers.
Okay, let us now look at the
three (3) stages of a satisfying life below:
Learning is very important aspect/stage of life; through learning we gather
knowledge, acquire skills, and have experiences. Things we do and know today
came through learning.
We learned how to walk, how to talk, how to eat, how to
read, how to write, and so on. Hence, to live a satisfying life, you HAVE to
LEARN. Hope you got me right? You better do.
2) EARN:
Earning is also another importing part of living. If you are not earning
anything for living, for goodness sake your life won’t be satisfying to you,
not just to you, but to people around you. Now, it is substantial to let you
understand that earning comes from learning.
O yes! Why do people learn works/businesses? Why do people
go to school to learn/study about a particular field of human endeavour? It is
because they aim at using whatever they have learned to earn.
For a satisfying life, there has to be the stage of earning.
If you are not earning, then you won’t be satisfied in life, because through
what you earn you solve your problems and SATISFY your needs. When your needs
are satisfied, then your life is also going to be satisfying.
3) RETURN: I have
talked about learning and earning; now this is another stage of a satisfying
life. Return means that you give back to the society that which you got from it
through learning and earning.
help others out of generosity and abundance of your resources or knowledge. The
truth is that when you help others willingly (without been compelled to do so),
you will definitely realize that your life is satisfying.
I hope I have been able to do
justice to the three (3) stages of a satisfying life. Now, it is over to you to
look into your own life and see if these three (3) stages are in place and in
The beautiful thing about life
is that you analyze your own life and see even certain things essential for better
living are available or missing.
If they are in place, then you
have to value them and take care of them. If they are not available, then it is
your onus/task to get them available in your life.
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site, make sure you share this wonderful lesson with others; it is my aim that
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See you again and again. I know you will definitely love to be right back soon, if not tomorrow…
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