True Life Story: “FINALLY, I ATTENDED HER CHURCH” By Michael C. Samuel

This is a true-life story of
how I (Michael C. Samuel) attended her church after I have refused her numerous
invitations. No need wondering who she is, read more to find out.

It was on one Saturday morning,
I have finished sampling my bags, waiting patiently for my customers when she
walked in.
She was tall, fair incompletion
and very beautiful. I was awed when I saw her but I did not allow her to notice
my lust over her.
All my mind was saying was, “Yes, I have caught one this morning”.
God, you are faithful. “Good morning, what do you want to buy?”, I said smiling
at her. She gave me this charming smile that awoke the man in me; thank God I
was able to control myself.
She responded saying, “Good
morning sir, actually I don’t want to buy anything but I want to invite you to
our church program next week Sunday”.
Why she was expressing herself,
she brought out their handbill for the program stretching her hands to get it
to me, I collected the handbill.
On a normal day, I don’t
collect handbills from any church. This wasn’t me, how could I have allowed her
to even stay up to this moment, I wasn’t expecting this kind of thing this
early morning but something compelled me to listen to what she had to say.
I asked her to sit, and she
sat, we started discussing, we talked about many things concerning her church
but she could not allow me to cross the boundary; I tried all I could but she
kept on pressing harder on what brought her.
“Should I ask for her mobile
number?” A lot of thoughts were going inside my mind and finally I vomited it,
I jokingly asked her who was going to attend to me if I eventually come; she
smiled at me and pointed herself.
“You are kidding, right? You
know I can’t locate you if there are no means of communication”, she gave me
that smile again and brought out her phone requesting for my number.
I gave it to her while she
flashed me immediately. Wow! I nodded my head in agreement with my mind that I
have won the Olympic Championship.
That was how we ended our discussion,
I escorted her from my shop to where she boarded motorbike and left, waving at
me while I reciprocated.
I respected myself, I did not
give her any call on the weekdays and I wasn’t expecting hers. A week after she
came to my shop, she called and asked if I can make it to her church tomorrow,
I was still contemplating if I should attend or not, but finally, I promised
Mind you, I’m a strong Catholic
Faithful who cannot afford to miss Holy Mass and besides, being an Altar Night
member, it is not advisable, and secondly, I must serve punishment if they
noticed my absence in the church.
But I overlooked all these
because of her beauty. It took me the whole day to decide whether I should go
or not even though I have promised her but finally, I was able to convince my
soul and body.
I really want to see her again
and I can’t afford to tell her sorry as they say first impression matters. It
was sealed. I was not going to her church to listen to her pastor’s sermon
neither am I going because of miracles that would be happening, but my utmost
aim was to see her again.
On that awesome Sunday morning,
I have brought out my sweet blue suit, before then I have asked my laundry man
to launder it well and I must confess he did a nice job.
When I wore my suit I was like
one of the American working guys. I looked at myself in the mirror and I smiled
to myself; immediately after that, I took off.
When I was in her church
premises, I called her mobile line but it was switched off; O no! It can’t be, I
tried as many times as I could but I kept getting the same reply.
I was mad, I was pissed off.
How could she disappoint me? How could she invite me here and leave me stranded?
Before I could know what was happening, an usher came and asked me to enter the
Should I join them or should I
go back and attend my own Church? But when I looked at my time, it was not
giving me any hope.
So I joined them. Their service
went fine, their doctrine was totally new to me; of course, it should because
that was my first time attending any church apart from my dear Catholic church.
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A lot of miracles were
performed and we danced and sang different songs of worship. I enjoyed every
bit of it until when the Pastor said, “Newcomers
should come outside, and together with who invited them”
Haba! Which kind of thing is this?
My inviter was nowhere to be found, but I made up my mind to go. While I was
marching towards the Altar, I did not know what asked me to look at my back and
I did, behold she was marching behind me with smiles that covered her face.
I was amazed and at that moment
we met at the altar and held each other’s hands while the Pastor prayed for us.
Since then up till now, I am
still with her. She is the one who made who I am today. Yes, it is all about
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