“We Are All Here On Earth For Some Special Reasons” –Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

Nobody was delivered into this
world to become nobody. There is something special in everyone; there is
something unique in each of the people on earth. 

There are some special reasons
why you are created, and your utmost aim in life should be to
fulfill/accomplish those special reasons.
I welcome you to this platform,
our aim is to help you live out the trends of legends in you through our
wonderful write-ups/contents, and we hope to achieve that aim.
You are not here on earth for
no reason; I want you to beat your chest and tell yourself that you are one of
the legends on earth. Nobody should make you to believe that you are not
special, and if you accede with me that you are truly special; then I am sure
that you will also agree with me that you are here (in this world) for some
special reasons.
You are the one to let the
world to know that you are special; yes, it is left for you to prove to the
world that you have great potentials. Forget about your background, forget
about your present status; every great legend you hear about today had moments
of challenges.
Mention them, take time to read
about their life histories, and you will discover that there were times in
their lives when they were not known to/by anyone. But because they believed
within their minds that they have the potential of becoming legends, and
working towards achieving that, they culminated as legends that the whole world
revere today.
Your own case should not be
different, you are human, and those legends are also humans. The only
difference between who you are today and who you are going to become tomorrow
is your belief, your determination, and you ability to maximally utilize your
I did not come into this world
and become a writer; I did not grow up and start up this platform. It was
because of the vision I have, because I had felt the special qualities in me;
it was because I did not wave it off when I discovered the potentials in me. I
started paving my way to where I am today.
I did not restrict myself to
just being an offline Publisher; but having discovered that the internet is a
great place to make great impacts in the lives of people surfing the net on
daily basis, I chose to be online; hence establishing this wonderful platform.
There are many special reasons
why I am here on earth, likewise you. The difference between you and someone
else may be that you have not discovered those special reasons why you are
here; or that someone else has not discovered his/hers.
You cannot discover those
special reasons why you are here on earth if you are so concerned with living
like someone else. I realized who I truly am and what I have the potential to
do when I started thinking of how to live like me. Yes, I wanted to be me, and
to be that great person I am created to be in life.
Leave the life of someone else
and live your own life. You can take cues from someone, but that does not mean
that you should live exactly like him/her. Each of us is unique, we have
different genes in us; and that’s why we are unique apiece.
The way I write is not the same
way someone else will be writing, though we may be writing on the same subject,
topic, idea, or even trying to pass the same message. You will enjoy your life
the better and the more when you discover the true person you should be, and
when you start living the life of that true person you are meant to be.
A lot of things or persons may
be encumbering you from discovering who you truly are or from realizing those
special reasons while you are here on earth; but you must not give up in
discovering who you truly are. The earlier the better for you because the more
time you waste the more you move away from lots of abilities in you and you
also miss opportunities.
Sometimes you need to forget
about the tides and waves in the sea and keep sailing with utmost focus and
determination. Challenges are not there to categorically stop us from
succeeding and/or make us to quit; they are there to test our determination,
strength, and ability to persevere and conquer.
Forget about your past, start
building your life today and start making way for a better tomorrow. Most times,
if I remember my past, I will be full of smiles because I know that I have
become a better person today.
Don’t remain under the shackles
of your past life; let go, yes, I said you should let go right now so that the
light of success can shine upon your life and make your future to be bright.
Greatness does not come to
reality when you are always filling your mind with thoughts of weakness. Purge
your mind today and get rid of every belief that you are weak. You are special,
you have great potentials, and you are unique; only if you can live out those
potentials in you.
Few years ago, searching for my
name in Google won’t display anything about me; but the case is different
today. If you go to Google search page now and type my name “Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu”
or key in my pseudonym The Inspirational Parrot, my details will be suggested
less than 0.30 seconds.
It did not start today; it was
a long-term journey which has led me to where I am today. I am special, I have
great potentials, and there are some special reasons why I am here on earth; I
have discovered some of these reasons, I am doing my best to find out more, and
I work hard to fulfill these special reasons.
I don’t know about you, I don’t
know if you have discovered yours or you are still of the notion that no matter
whatever you do in life, that you won’t be great. The seed of greatness has
been sown in everyone’s life; those who water theirs are the ones who reap the
fruits of greatness.
Greatness is not restricted to
certain group of persons. There are many ways one can be great; just discover
the one you are destined for. Establishing this platform, writing and
publishing on this platform have helped me to gain some brownie points.
There are many abilities you
are congenitally endowed with; begin to live out one of those abilities, keep
on doing it, and you will be known for it.
I am going to end this piece
with a wonderful quote from Robin Sharma which says thus:
“We are all here for some special reason. Stop being a prisoner of
your past. Become the architect of your future.”
Thanks for been here; I am
hopeful that this article has added something meaningful to your life.
I am going to publish more
articles as time goes on; you can also feel free to read up other wonderful
articles on this platform; kindly CLICK HERE…
If you love this, please share
it with others, Thanks.
Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu
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