“When Does Courage Happen In Our Life?” –Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

Courage is one of the essential
qualities everyone needs in life. I wonder how someone is going to succeed in
life without an iota of courage. You need it, I need it, and everyone needs it.
With courage, you can achieve great things.

Courage does not only happen
when you have seen the success you are working towards. Having made the success
should be a factor to intensify your courage or to give you more courage to
work towards achieving greater success in life.
You should not take because you
have not succeeded and then you start losing courage; no, you shouldn’t. That
you are facing countless challenges in life or in trying to achieve something
should not make you to lose courage. Instead, that should be when you need to
muster more courage.
Courage in an examination hall
does not happen when you have all the answers to the examination questions; but
when you are prepared to face all the questions, having read your books very
well prior to the examination.
A student may have seen the
proposed questions for an examination before the examination; that isn’t even
going to give him courage; I mean true/real courage. But a student who has read
all the topics/materials he/she is required to read before an examination has
the better courage because he/she is ready to face all the questions that would
be asked.
Courage does not happen when
you have all the solutions to your challenges; it does not happen when you have
all the resources to solve your needs. It does not happen when everything is
going pretty well in your life; not when you are living without troubles of
It happens when you are
prepared to face those challenges you have been avoiding all your life. Yes,
that’s when courage happens; courage does not happen by avoiding those
challenges. It happens because you have made up your mind to tackle those
So, with this piece of article,
I am urging you to get prepared to face all challenges, to overcome all
obstacles, to solve all problems, to beat and defeat all oppositions because
that’s when courage happens.
Challenges do not vanish into
the thin air by avoiding them; when you avoid them, more challenges will be
accumulating. And courage does not happen when you avoid these challenges, but
it happens when have prepared yourself to face all challenges.
It was Shannon L. Alder who
opined, “Courage doesn’t happen when you
have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you
have been avoiding your whole life”.
Get yourself ready to face
challenges of life squarely. Muster courage now, and fight till you conquer.
You have the power in you, and it is left for you to muster courage and empower
yourself to face life.
Overcoming a challenge will go
a long way to make your life better. You are a great person; you are equipped
with the power to face your challenges rather than avoiding them.
Thanks for visiting this
platform to read up this article. I am sure it has made a positive difference
in you.
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Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

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