A Relationship That Lacks Reciprocity Will Culminate In Calamity

time around, I am going to talk about the importance of RECIPROCITY in every
true, defined, and purpose-driven relationship. I hope you will learn something from
this article.

It has
been a long time I wrote something about relationship. Writing about
relationship matters/issues/topics is something I love doing and I am good in
that, yes I know I am; and I don’t mince words whenever I do so.
I must
be honest with you that there are lots of wrong ideologies partners develop
when it comes to relationship; and most of these ideologies do not agree with
the principle of reciprocity.
is no true relationship without reciprocity; of course, there is none. Once the
love is true and real, reciprocity should be involved.
people go into relationship that is purposeless; when a relationship has no
purpose, then there would be nothing like reciprocity in it; and such an affair
will be riffle with issues now and then.
is the characteristic of being reciprocal. In a friendship, reciprocity occurs
when the contribution of each partner meets the expectations of the other
relationship is said to be reciprocal when there is a relation of mutual
dependence, action, or influence. Reciprocity means the same as reciprocality.
I am
sure that the simple explanation I gave above about reciprocity has made it
clear of what I am talking about.
relationship with reciprocity should be mutual, and not where one depend on
his/her partner. A true relationship is not ‘parasitic’ in nature.
One of
the reasons why relationships lack reciprocity is because there is no defined
purpose. That is to say, none of the partners involved know why both of them
are in relationship; the relationship isn’t defined.
are people who are relationship just for having fun; they chill and hang out
together, sleep together and nothing much. Such people have no intention of
marrying each other or doing any other thing rather than the ones I mentioned.
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In such
relationship (as mentioned in the paragraph above), it is mutual if both
contribute to the expenses. That is, either the man or the woman will pay for
the expenses incurred in the course of their flexing. When the man has, he will
be the one to spend, and when the woman has, she will also spend.
I am
not advising people to keep such relationship because it will not add any good
qualities to your life; though it may be mutual, but it is very wrong because
it will culminate in calamity.
Do not
just fall in love with someone without asking him/her why he/she is in love
with you and also you endeavour to tell him/her why you have chosen to be in
love with him/her.
defined relationship has reciprocity. If you truly love your partner, I don’t
think you should be able to push him into making unnecessary expenses
especially when you know he/she cannot afford to do so at the moment.
you should not get angry because your partner cannot do something; first find
out the reason why he/she cannot do it, and try to consider him/her if his/her
reason makes sense.
I am
baffled when I see lovers who talk bad of their partners all because of
something their partner cannot do (maybe for him/her).
lots of people do not know is that is that reciprocity is not only important in
relationship, but also in marriage. But if you do not learn to practice it in
relationship, how then would you be able to do so in marriage.
A lot
of people have their minds filled with awry thoughts. For instance, most girls
will believe that it is the duty of boys to call girls on phone (that’s shit; I
must express my displeasure about such notion).
to boys, some of them will tell you that if your girlfriend is not having sex
with you, then she is giving it to someone else, or maybe you are not
satisfying her as she desires.
about a relationship is not in having sex, it is not in hanging out, and it is
not all about “fun! fun!! fun!!!”.
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Do not
just accept to date him because you think he is financially buoyant. A day will
come when his financial status won’t matter to you.
Do not
date her all because she is beautiful, she has good body, her boobs and hip are
wow!, and so on and so forth. Date her because of the person in her. Let your
reason for loving her be beyond what your eyes can see.
relationships (and even marriages) have been marred because of lack of
reciprocity or because there is no defined purpose.
All my
life, I am so busy looking for that girl who would be dating me with reciprocality.
A girl who will come into my life and we will build our lives and futures
together, mutually.
(relationship) is valued and enjoyed when there is mutuality or reciprocity.
That moment when we feel like hanging out and having known that I don’t have,
and that you have some cash on you, then you will be the one to spend knowing
that when I have, I will also do same.
Tell me
how such a relationship won’t lead to something great and better. Love your
partner for who he/she is; help him/her to build his/her life and future.
I am
going to end this piece here; I am only encouraging lovers to bring in the
principles of reciprocity into their love life and have good purpose(s) for
being in love, because defined purpose is among the factors that make a
relationship to be healthy and to last longer.
I am
sure you have learnt something from this article; and I enjoin you to put
whatever you have learnt into practice.
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I have
handled lots of relationship issues and I have also had many experiences in
relationship and gathered knowledge in relationship, love and sexual matters.
major aim is to use these experiences and knowledge to help others in building
a healthy relationship, to use them to repair broken relationships and to edify
awry minds.
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