Here Is One Obvious Reason Why You Should Quit Dating Him/Her

This is
a piece of advice for some people who are overwhelmed by infatuation. I don’t
mean to be harsh or to hurt someone by my words, but I am only saying the
reality; and it is better you know the reality (the truth) which is the fact.

love does not need a lot of experiences for one to notice or feel it. When you
see true love, you need no one to tell you that it is actually a true love.
True love is beyond mere pleasure, it is beyond mere words of caring; true love
cares; true love changes one’s life, and so on.
It is
unfortunate that people who have fake ideologies about true love mistake lots
of things as acts of true love. True love is not something you conclude within
a couple of days or weeks of meeting someone. It takes at least a period of
three months up to six months to define and conclude that it is actually a true
I am
not going to write much in this piece; these days I do my best to make my articles
precise and direct to the point. Yes, once I have passed the major message I
intend to, then no need of using lots of words (which will make the article
boring for readers). What matters is that the message has been passed in such a
way that everyone can grab it.
will agree with me that at a point in a relationship with someone you truly
love so much, you will be having this feeling or wish of spending the rest of
your life with him/her. It is normal, and it is a sign of true love if you do
have such feeling or wish so.
such wishes do surface the mind of someone if he/she is really dating someone
he/he loves so much and won’t like to lose to someone else. When you wish never
losing him/her to someone else, trust me you can definitely spend the rest of
your life with him/her.
you wish to marry the person you are dating at the moment, it means you really
value him/her, and I am sure you are not faking your love for the person if you
are wishing to spend the rest of your life with him/her. You are really making
positive impacts on his/her life if you wish to marry him/her.
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will definitely agree with me that there is no man who would wish to marry a
lady he is only dating for the sake of sleeping with her. If  a guy’s purpose for dating a lady is nothing
but to sleep with her as he likes, that is the one we often referred to as “use and dump”, trust me, that won’t
ever wish marrying the same girl, who may have had abortions for him so many
Same is
applicable with girls. You are dating a drug addict, a boozer, and a man who
lives a rough and rascal lifestyles; maybe because of his money which she is
enjoying. But, I am more than 80% sure that such a girl won’t ever have a
thought of spending the rest of her life with such a man; and it happens that
the same man is a womanizer.
If two
people who are truly in love with each other are doing their best in building
each other’s life; none of them will be wishing of not marrying the other. No
one will love to lose something he/she has been building and taking good care
if you ask either of them (those lovers who truly love each other), each of
them will say, “If
it is the Will of God”
; yes, that’s what you will definitely hear
from each of them, but in their minds, they aren’t thinking or wishing to lose
each other.
So, if
you are in a relationship and you are not having such a feeling of spending the
rest of your lifetime with your partner, please it’s either you quit the
relationship or you amend what has gone wrong in the affair.
You may
not agree with me, but I am telling you the truth. No matter what you are
benefiting from such a relationship, trust me; there is no true love involved. No
need trying to confuse by trying to convince yourself to continue the affair.
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is expected to last for a period of six months, and within this period of six
months, you are expected to make up your mind on whether you will still go into
marriage with your fiancé or fiancée.
is something the partners who love each other so much manage. You can only
enjoy marriage when the true love is there. Let me ask you, “How do you think a marriage would be when
two persons who have been in true love for close to five years or more finally
married each other? It would be wow right?”
I may
not have written what you wish to hear, but I need you to bring out time, move
to a quiet place and think about all I have said in this article. I am not
trying to make you feel bad, but I am only trying to open up the blind eyes of
some lovers’ minds so that they can be able to behold the reality and the fact
about true love.
I am
always so happy whenever I behold partners who cherish each other to a fault;
they remind me that true love is a beautiful thing that will happen in the life
of every lover.
you have experienced a true love, you will accede with me that true love is
among the things that make life beautiful and worth living. Forget about the
ones you see in movies; true lovers exist, and I have seen and met appreciable
number of them.
for been here this moment to read this piece of advice. Whatever I have written
in this article are the products of my positive thoughts, the outcomes of my
gift in writing and admonishing people to build and live a better and happier
love live.
that it is not a true relationship or feeling if you don’t ever think of or
wish to marry your partner. Remember that it’s better you start thinking of
quitting your relationship with him/her if truly in your mind you don’t dream
of spending the rest of your life with him/her.
If You Are Dating Someone You
Don’t Ever Think Of Marrying, Please Quit Him/Her!

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