If You Feel Like Doing It, But You Always End Up Not Doing It; Then This Is For You!

I have carefully written this
piece for those of you who love doing it but you discover that you always end
up not doing it. What is it that I am referring to, find out in this article.

Everyone’s life is full
aspirations and ambitions, full of wishes and desires. If your own life is not
full of aspirations and ambitions, wishes and desires, mine is.
What matters in our lives is
not the number of aspirations, ambitions, wishes, or desires we have, but how
many of them are good or positively-minded and the ones among them that will
end up been fulfilled.
Some people do have plans of
what they want to do in life, and they fix time for doing them; but guess what,
the time would even reach and elapse, yet they have not done it.
If you are among those who are
experiencing this, it means you are still having issues of procrastination,
indecisiveness, unpreparedness, and lacks steadfastness. Maybe I should include
pessimism and defeatism in what you are suffering from.
Whenever you have made up your
mind to do something (I must advise that it should be something good), you
should not allow the spirit of procrastination, pessimism and defeatism to
overwhelm you.
How will you be able to do
that? Good and fine, I will tell you what you should do so as to make sure you
overcome the spirit of procrastination, pessimism and defeatism.
First of all, make sure you
write down your plans, ambitions, aspirations, wishes, and/or desires on paper.
It is not just writing them down on a paper and then you throw away the paper
to where you cannot be seeing it often.
I advise that you write them
down in your diary if you are the kind that opens his/her diary often. Having done
that, you should also take the responsibility of taking a look daily at those
things you have written down.
Also one of the reasons people
end up not fulfilling their plans is because of unpreparedness; that is, not
getting ready before hand by doing the essential and preliminary things that
will pave way for the fulfillment of one’s plans, ambitions, aspirations,
wishes, and/or desires.
Do not wait until the d-day
before you start the preparation. Let the preparation begin immediately the
same day you have made and written down the plans, aspirations, etc.
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Words By The Inspirational Parrot

If you do not follow up your
plans, you will always end up not achieving what you have planned. If your
plans are the kinds that require the helps of other people; please let those
people know as soon as possible. Involve them in time and not till it is few days/hours
to the day you may need their helps.
Also, bear it in mind that it
is not always all the times we plan to do something that we culminate with
doing it successfully.
But this particular article is
not for those who do try but failed; but mainly for those who plan to do, but
ALWAYS end up not doing it.
Shun the spirit of pessimism;
that is that spirit that always put in your mind the thoughts of negativity.
Being pessimistic will make you believe that there is nothing good in what you
are doing.
It will make you to be having
negative thoughts/feelings about what you want to do. When you are pessimistic,
the thoughts that will be flooding your mind should be of something bad
happening. Do not be a pessimist because it will end up affecting you badly in
achieving your plans.
Before I summarize, let me talk
about defeatism in brief. You may be wondering what that means; don’t worry, I
am going to explain it to you now.
Defeatism simply means the
acceptance of defeat without struggle. Defeatism will make you see yourself as
a failure even when you have not gone into the real fight.
A defeatist will always see
defeat even when he has not done anything about his plans to achieving his
ambitions. When you are under the shackles of defeatism, you will love to do
something, but you will end of not doing it because right within you, you have
already accepted defeat without having done the struggle.
I am sure that I have been able
to empower your on how to achieve your plans, aspirations, ambitions, dreams,
and goals through the few points I have made in this article.
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