Simple Reasons Why Whatsapp Makes Phones To Hang Or Crash

are so many reasons why WhatsApp can make your phone to start hanging, you are definitely going to find out few simple reasons why Whatsapp can make many phones to start hanging or even crash. Read More To Know More.

It is
really annoying when your phone begins to hang as it becomes so slow is
processing data, so annoying…
first thing that makes Whatsapp to hang your phone is if you belong to so many
groups. Yes, having so many active groups on Whatsapp can make your phone to be
hanging, that is to be slow is processing.
not forget that if the Whatsapp version you are using is the one that is
already out-of-date and you failed to update it to the latest compatible
version for your mobile phone model; then the app may be hanging your phone, most
especially when it is open and in use.
from the above reasons, if those Whatsapp groups you belong to generate lots of
messages, like up to one thousand (1000) and above per day or within hours,
then you are at risk of having your phone been hung or even crashed by Whatsapp.
addition, the processing Speed/RAM of your phone can also contribute to the reason why your
whatsapp can be hanging your phone. 
When the RAM of your phone is of low memory space, Whatsapp can be able to hang your phone. The higher the memory capacity of the RAM of your phone, the faster the phone will be in processing stuffs.
you don’t have to worry yourself because there is something you really need to
be doing as often as possible if you don’t desire to exit those Whatsapp
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