Simple Steps To Clear All Your Whatsapp Chat Histories At Once To Free Up Your WhatsApp And Phone Memory Space

Clearing WhatsApp Chat histories is a healthy thing to do to both your phone and your WhatsApp itself. In this post I am going to show you  Simple Steps To Clear All Your Whatsapp Chat Histories At Once To Free Up Your WhatsApp Memory Space.

if you belong to lots of Whatsapp groups (say about 20 to 100 groups); it will be cumbersome
to be clearing the chat histories of each of your groups and contacts one by
Below are steps on how to clear all your chat histories at once and free your
phone memory.
Note: In order not to
lose important messages when clearing all your chat histories at once; make
sure you star those messages.

learned how to star your important Whatsapp messages or files so as not to
clear them when clearing all your chat histories; let me drop steps to use in
clearing your whatsapp chat histories.
– Once
you have opened your whatsapp
–  Click
on option (vertically arranged dotted line containing three dots). If the
dotted line is not displaying, try scrolling down your chat list a bit and it
will appear.
– A
drop down menu list will appear containing menus like: New Group, New
Broadcast, Whatsapp Web, Starred Messages, Settings.
– Click
on <settings>
– Click
on <Chats>
– Click
on <Chat Hstory>
– Click
on <Clear All Chats>. Note: <Clear All Chats> is different from
<Delete All Chats>, [when you delete all chats, all the contacts on your
list will be cleared/deleted; so when you want to chat with anyone again, you
have to go start up a new chat entirely by searching your contact list].
– A
dialogue box will appear
– You
can either check the box for <Delete Media From My
Phone> if you want media information about the messages cleared to be
wiped from your phone.
– Choose
<CLEAR ALL MESSAGES> if you want to clear all your messages including
– Choose
<CLEAR ALL EXCEPT STARRED> to clear all other messages except STARRED MESSAGES.
This is the one I recommend for you.
– It
is done, you can then go back to your chat list using back button.
I was a victim to Whatsapp Crashing, my Lumia920 was crashed because of that same reason;
the phone hung and never switched on till now. Have tried many places but it
couldn’t be repaired. And I ended up selling it one thousand and five hundred
Naira (Ni,500)  only as a srap.
day it went off, lots of Whatsapp messages were coming in and the phone could
not bear it any longer and I guess the version of Whatsapp I was using on the
Lumia920 is outdated.
addition, make sure that you are using the best version of Whatsapp recommended
for your device; otherwise you are putting your device at risk.
can share this information with others if you found this helpful. Also feel free
to drop your views, contributions and/or experiences in the comment session.


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