What Does It Mean When A Guy Cries For A Girl; A Sign Of Weakness Or True Love? (See People’s Opinions)

What Does It Mean When A Guy Tries Tt The Thought Of Losing You

What Does It Mean When A Guy Tries Tt The Thought Of Losing You

What Does It Mean When A Guy Cries For A Girl; A Sign Of Weakness Or True Love? See People’s Opinions, & Let’s Know Your Own Opinions

Many may believe that a male who cries for a female is weak in mind; it is not really true. A guy can be able to cry for a girl, and it all depends on the reason. In this post, I will drop some opinions I have gathered from other people and also will love to have your own opinion(s).


Believe it or not, it is possible for a guy to cry for a girl. Let us not forget that a guy can fake a cry for girl in order to get something from the girl; but that is not the cry I am talking about in this article.

I have also published on this blog an article on what it means when a guy cries at the thought of losing agirl. You can do well to also check it out; I am sure you will love it and will learn something from it.

When I talk about a guy crying for a girl, I mean real cry, and not the kind done in pretense, maybe to get a favour from the girl or to deceive her. It will be good if I share my own experiences: ehm, I have cried before for girls, not just one girl. The first girl was my first girlfriend; I cried when I discovered that she was double dating and that I have lost her (although she was not aware that I did so).

Another girl was a very good friend of mine, this time around, both of us cried just as she was about changing location to a very far place where it would be long for us to see each other again. We cried on the night before the day she would be traveling.

Guys are believed to be emotionally strong than girls. Guys can endure pains and hardly shed tears. Girls can cry easily cry when in pain than guys, and so, crying is a normal thing for girls. A girl can cry over little things, just a little shout can make a girl
to burst into tears.

I have asked some people for their opinions on this topic, and I also did research on the internet on this topic; below are some opinions people have shared what it means when a guy cries for a girl.

Opinion 1:

Same reason a girl would more than likely, it must be causing some pain mentally, but it is a natural part of life. Boys and men cry, “we’re only human”, except society proclaims the act as something we should not publicly do because “WE’RE MEN, STRONG, WE DONT CRY!” hehe. (Source: Quora.com)

Opinion 2:

The exact reason will come out only when you ask that person. There will be many reasons for a guy to cry for a girl. If she is stronger than him and she hit him, he may cry for that. If he really loves her and she is not feeling his love for her, he may cry.

Whatever the reason is, people teach us that guys are mentally strong and they don’t cry for anything, but the truth is people get hurt and sometimes crying is the best way to let it go.

Yes, guys hide their original emotions and act as if they’re strong and sometimes we cannot control ourselves, we genuinely feel for some people and when those people leave you, you feel like you’re left with nothing and you’ll never meet someone like them and it hurts you and you cry. When a guy cries for a girl, it just means we are emotional creatures and we have genuine emotions. (Source: Quora.com)

Opinion 3:

It doesn’t happen generally. But yes if a guy is emotional, true, who cares a lot for her girl, pampers her, fulfills all the small and big desires of her, in short love her a lot and can’t ever dream to part with her. And one day, the girl leaves her alone. So, it’s natural he will breakdown for the love of his life. (Source: Quora.com)

Opinion 4:

-It means she just broke his heart

-If she died, it means he is grieving for her

-It means he realizes he has no chance with her, she’s not interested

-It means he is a drama queen and crying for attention to show others how much he loves her and how much of a deep guy he is

Really, it can mean almost infinite things. You have to be a tad more specific. (Source: Quora.com)

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Opinion 5:

“A guy can do a lot of thing. But can’t do everything. There are something us men, all of us refrain from doing.. We always hold it back and almost never let it flow, but once we’ve shed, specially for a girl, it only means one thing. That nobody could love that girl more than the man who shed tears for her. He loves you chicky.

Forgive and forget. Whatever it is, he said he’s sorry.” (Source: Nairaland.com)

Opinion 6:

“It means he really cares about you, and that his feelings are true, and that he probably loves you. A man’s tears rarely fall and they mean a lot as a man wouldn’t normally cry, and when they fall for a girl it means he is truly hurt and he is opening his heart to you.” (Source: Nairaland.com)

Opinion 7:

“It means he really cared about you and is strong enough to break down and tell you.” (Source: Anonymous)

Opinion 8:

“It most likely means that you meant a lot to him. Guys do not cry over much, they try to hold in their tears. He obviously had very strong feelings over you. He really does love you.” (Source: Anonymous)

Opinion 9:

“He really loves and cares about you. He doesn’t want to lose you; he loved you a lot, and I mean a lot.” (Source: Anonymous)

Opinion 10:

“When a girl cries over a guy, she really loves him; but when a guy cries over a girl, he will never love another girl like her.” (Source: Anonymous)

Opinion 11:

The topic is really talking to me, because I am a victim of such a guy that loves the girl so much, I fill like crying but I kept it in me when misunderstanding occurred between me and her, I sober in my heart, I went to her to plead even if it wasn’t my fault and her fault, but as a guy I went to plead and she accepted me back after 5 to 6 month of misunderstanding. Since that time I don’t wish to have any girlfriend except her because I had promised her that. (Source: Anonymous)

Opinion 12:

It’s because he is so emotionally invested in her and has true, deep feelings for her. It could be that they got into an argument and she said something to upset him. Guys are allowed to cry, society thinks they should always be strong. To be able to cry as a guy says a lot about him. I think he’s genuinely hurt and probably loves the girl a lot and doesn’t wanna let her go. (Source: Quora.com)

Opinion 13:

Maybe he is upset with a breakup and losing the “love of his life”. This is not uncommon for men and I’ve done it too, when wife divorced me via email.  Teens are quite susceptible to emotional outbursts, both boys and girls.  Part of the reason is maturity, part is hormonal, and part is inexperience with situations like this.  We all had our high school infatuations and the world did end when we lost them. (Source: Quora.com)

Opinion 14:

Sometimes it’s real, and sometimes, it’s just to have her. (Source: Anonymous)

Alright, I hope I have shared enough opinions. Now, you can go on to drop your own opinion(s), (make use of the comment section below).

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