Most times I have wondered why
some guys have to lie to girls about their status, most especially about their
financial status. It is not proper to lie to her because that will totally make
her to have a wrong perception of who you truly are. Read more to enjoy more of
this article.

My dear guys,
that girl you love so much, and you really need the girl to be your “bae”, mind you, lots of other guys also
love her and really need her to be their bae too. That same girl that you are
yearning for, lots of other guys are craving for her too, although you may not
be aware of that.
lying to her about who you are is not going to do you good or even do her any
good. In fact, doing that is an act of #Iberiberism (stupidity)
at the highest order (as Rochas does say); lols.
her who you truly are, because that’s the only way to know if she truly loves
you or not. When a girl has known your true status, she is left with the choice
to either be with or to leave you and look for someone else; so make sure you
tell her the truth. Yes, my guy, tell her the truth if you are not having in
mind to flirt with her.
Any girl that
loves a guy for who he truly is has made up her mind to love and be with the
guy, and help make him better (as the case may be). Listen, after a girl has
known your true status (as a guy) and she did not leave you for someone else,
then true love is involved, somehow. Yes, I said somehow because not in all
cases that a girl will have intention of leaving a guy after knowing his true
But a girl on
learning how rich a guy is and having seen that the guy is truly rich may not
even think of leaving the guy even though she may not have true love and
feelings for the guy. The guy’s wealth might hook her down, and I must be
sincere, such a girl is prone to flirting or cheating. She is just there for
the money, although not all girls.
I am not saying
that a guy on meeting a girl he loves should go on and tell the girl everything
about his life, hell NO! A guy needs NOT tell a girl everything about his life
and background, but with time, you should be unveiling who you truly are to her
once you realize that she does truly love you for who you truly are (that’s, the
ones you have revealed to her about who you are).
As a guy, and
if you are not a flirt, do not lie to a girl 100% about who you truly are, and
also do not tell her 100% truth about who truly are at the starting stage of
your affair with her. I am advising guys not to be in hurry to let a girl know
who he truly is, whether he is rich or not. Do not let her know that you are a
prince yet, allow her to show you the lineaments of a princess first.
Anyway, I know
that this is somewhat hard for some guys to do, but that’s actually the right
way and the right thing to do. If only the guy is truly interested in going far
with the girl, and not just for sexual gratification and other reasons as the
case may be, he won’t lie to her about his true identity.
In fact, the
last thing I will do on meeting a girl is to tell her how rich I am or my
family is or how much earn or have in my bank account. I will hide my financial
status from her initially for a long period of time; and I will let her know
that I am hard-working and determined to make it big. Then I will be watching
her to see her reactions, and roles she will play in helping me to make it big.
love giving young people tips for a better and long-lasting relationship. In as
much as I admonish girls, I also admonish my fellow boys. Our collective
attitudes if made right will help to make the entire world better. I need to
behold a society where healthy relationships will be noticed; where lovers will
always end up marrying each other.
for having time and interest to read this article. I will be so happy if you
can deem it fit to drop a comment for me right here (using the comment box
below). Let me know how you feel having read this article. What do you think
about a boy lying to a girl to win her heart?
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