“Every Successful Person In This Life Has A Story To Tell After Achieving His/Her Success: You Are Not An Exception!” –Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

I am here once again to
encourage you and to motivate you to keep on struggling to achieve success. Once
success is achieved, all the moments of hardship won’t be remembered with regrets;
rather you smile on remembering them. Make sure you read more to enjoy it all,
this article is exclusively for you.

Do not give up if you truly
want to make it to the top, those who stop or give up along the way to the top would
never get to the top. You need to persevere during the moments when life
challenges tend to be severe. What makes us successful is not how much troubles/challenges
that may come our way, but that we surpass all of them to emerge victoriously
at the end.
Listen, success will definitely
come your way despite what you are passing through at the moment; what I have
to tell you is that you should never give up on your dreams: it is your dream
and you deserve to dream it as it pleases you. Even when the whole world has
given up on you, please hold onto your potential because that’s what makes you
special, substantial, and preferential in life. Who am I without unleashing my
potentials? That a question you should be asking yourself often.
Every successful person out
there today has a story of success: the story of how his/her success came to
fruition notwithstanding the means the success was achieved. If you have not
made your own success, just take it easy and keep working harder. What do you
think that once life history is all about? Life HISTORY means one’s High-STORY:
the story of one’s success in life.
Do not be distracted by the
thought of how far others have gone in life; you are yourself; he or she is
himself or herself. Each of us has different grace; hence we have our
individual pace in life. I may succeed before you, and that doesn’t mean that
you will never succeed in this life. Keep working harder; keep doing it better
than you have been doing.
We are all born to be GREAT in
life, but we do not share the same FATE. First discover who you truly are and
what works better for you; what works for Mr. Okeke may not be working for Mr.
Okafor. Our destinies differ, and we meet our success in different points and
at different times in life.
I may be damn good in writing
motivational articles, and someone else will be so good in writing stories
(motivational or otherwise): what we have in common is the GIFT OF WRITING, but
in different aspects. For me to make it bigger, I have to concentrate on the
area I am so good in despite the fact that the other person is doing damn great
in his/her own area of writing.
Remember that I attended the
same primary and secondary schools with some persons. Not all those I attended
the same primary school with made it to the secondary level; and not all those I
attended the same secondary school with made it to the university; and so sad
that not all those who entered university the same time with me graduated same
time with me; some died, some dropped out, some had extra year(s).
I spent not less than two years
at home before gaining admission into the university, whereas my mates got
admission into tertiary institution the same year we graduated from secondary
school. That’s life for you: different Grace and different pace. With determination,
we all will surely get there if we are destined to be there in life.
I may be looking forward to be
more successful through acquiring higher education; whereas someone has already
made it big without attaining higher education, maybe through one lucrative business
or another. Our successes do not come the same way; I may be making money
through good means while someone will choose a sordid means.
That’s life for you, we came
into this world individually, and along the line we may be moving through the
same path, and at times we may discover that we are no more on the same track
and at the same level. But no matter the path and level we see ourselves in; we
should not give up on our desire to get better and greater in life.
So long you are on the right
track, keep moving forward; it is better to be standing still or moving at a
snail pace on the right path than to be moving with the speed of light on the
wrong path. Your speed/pace in life is not the only thing that matters, but the
route you are cruising in: are you in the right or wrong track?
No matter the speed of a car
heading to Lagos but on the route to Abuja, the car will end up in Abuja, and
until it changes its course towards Lagos, it will never get to Lagos. Use this
simple analogy to understand what will happen when you are on the wrong path to
your destiny.
Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu was
not a Motivational Writer immediately he was born; it took me time (years) to
discover that special gift of motivating others and energizing their psyches through
my written works. I did not neglect my own gift of writing as some people may
Some can sing, and I cannot use
because others are making it through music to neglect my gift of writing. Let them
sing and become successful in the musical field, then I will use their own success
stories to motivate others through my gift in writing.
At the beginning (that’s on
discovering my special gift of inspiration); I am overwhelmed by the kind of
insights and inspirations that were flooding my mind every now and then. But as
time went by, I began to see the gift as something useless to me and to the
world because I was overwhelmed by the thought that no one will hear about me,
that those who have made it before me have already occupied the entire space
and that all of my articles would be useless – would be only read by me. I was
damn pessimistic.
But guess what? When my thinking
changed, I began to see possibilities and my optimism got escalated when I geared
my own writing potentials towards the internet media. I thought it better to
make use of the internet media to portray my own gift in writing and that went
well for me.
Just go to Google search page (www.google.com) and search for my full name “Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu”; you will
discover how far I have gone, and if I keep doing it greater and better, Google
will have their own documentation of my history.
Do not forget that I joined the
internet media at the same time with some people; but today something can be
found about me on searching my name on Google search page. I am not boasting,
but just trying to tell you the difference in our success stories.
You see what I have mentioned
before: someone may just have decided to be writing and publishing his own
works offline (different path), but I have chosen a different route to unleash
my potentials and to achieve my own success in writing.
Had it been that I gave up
then, I won’t have gotten to the stage I am right now. It took me courage,
determination, hardworking spirit, perseverance, God’s Grace, optimism, mentorship,
people’s supports, among other factors, to get to where I am today.
I have my own success story for
the little I have achieved so far, and you have your own story as well. If my
own success story for the little I have achieved can motivate and keep me
going, yours can do same to you if only you will create room for that to happen.
Do not let go of your motivating factors, be anchored to them every now and
Successful Person Has A Story To Tell After Achieving Success Notwithstanding
How Short The Story Is Or How Little The Success Is: There is Definitely Going To
Be A Story Of Success. Always Tell Yourself That Story As That Will Go A Long
Way In Spurring You On To Do More.”
Thanks for taking your time to
read through this article; I am very sure that it has done more good than harm
to your life after reading it. Feel free to share with others and do not forget
to tell me how you feel having read this piece (use the comment box below).
I am so happy that I have
shared some words of motivation with you today; I hope you will deem it fit to
share with others too.
Written By: Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (NDJP;
The Inspirational Parrot).

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