I Am Not Asking Some Of You Girls Not To Pack Into A Boy’s Or A Man’s House And Start Living With Him When He Has Not Officially Gotten Married To You, But… (Read More)

I am not asking some of you girls not to pack into a boy’s house and start living with him when he has not officially married you, but let me not hear any of you complain… Please, read more to learn more; I am pretty sure you will love it.
I am not asking some of you girls not to pack into a boy’s or a man’s house and start living with him when he has not officially gotten married to you, but let me not hear any of you complain that after “using you” and after doing many abortions for him, he ended up not marrying you.
Today is still early for you to take an action and get your senses back. I don’t like hearing it when my clients (as a relationship counselor) start making such complaints; although I have never shunned any of those clients, and will never do that because I should not do so.
You are still the same person who quickly rushed into living with him, so do not complain, bear it because it was all your decision and you accepted willingly to do so. How many years have you even known him or being with him?
Set your standards right now, and only men or boys who can meet up with your standards will come your way. For me, I don’t approach a girl whom I have discovered that her standards are far above what I can meet. So, I have to respect myself or I rather upgrade my own standards so as to meet up with hers.
You won’t be so naive to go and live in his apartment with him, and think that his accepting you to stay in his apartment with him is an indication that he is going to spend the rest of his life with you.
I need girls to be thinking wisely before taking certain decision or before accepting to do certain things. Do not tell me that you do so because of love; you are meant to be handling your emotions, you should not let your feelings for him to lead you into doing today what you will regret tomorrow.
Every man has reason(s) for falling in love with a girl, some may tell the girl, some may not; but if the girl is very observant, she can find out as the affair lasts. I do chuckle when some girls would be like, “So that’s what I will have time to be doing; I don’t have such time to start finding out why he loves me”. You may not have the time to do that today, but tomorrow will come and you will have time to be regretting in tears, disappointment, and sorrows.
We that are good in this relationship/love stuffs know various means through which a girl can find out why a guy has falling in love with her. Until you ask, no relationship advocate or counselor will tell you what you should not know, because we only care to tell those who care to know.
If you are a girl who loves men who always take girls out, my dear, “na those kind men go dey come your way oooo”; there is not two ways about that. So, it’s what you want that will probably come your way. He used you because you allowed him to, you did abortions because you refused to keep the babies for him or to wait till you get married to be having sex with him as you wish.
As a relationship advocate and/or counselor who has handled lots of issues), I advise girls to start using those special wisdom and instincts God has given them when it comes to relationship issues.
If you like, pack in to live with him; he will use you as he likes, and may not marry you, and he may not even add anything useful into your life; so you will be the one who will be losing.
So dear girls, make sure you know your man or guy very well before you pack in to live with him. It is not always advisable to be in a hurry to do so. Make sure that anything that comes out at the end, that you will bear it.
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