“I Am Not The Kind Of Guy Who Is Interested In Fighting Or Competing With Another Guy Over A Girl” –The Inspirational Parrot

This may sound somewhat strange
or let me say, portraying a weakling’s thought; but I am damn sure of what I have
chosen as the title of this piece. I hope you keep reading to learn more of my
opinions in this piece of writing; anyway, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion.

Listen, we build feelings, not
feelings that build us; feelings can only change us or make us do something
bizarre or uncommon with the kind of person we are; but we dare not let
feelings make us do what’s wrong, what we’ll live to regret for the rest of our
Don’t be disappointed in me for
saying that I, The Inspirational Parrot, am not that kind of a guy who is
interested in fighting with another guy over a girl. Yeah, I mean it and really
mean it; we all have our life principles/tenets. There are some things that I
can never do because of love under certain conditions.
You may think that a girl I say
that I love so much may be disappointed in me just because I refused to fight
over her with another guy; O, hell no, you are damn wrong. I don’t compete with
another guy for a girl I am sure right inside of my mind that I love; if she also
loves me the way I do, then she has to accept me the way I am, as who I am; and there would be nothing like fighting over her with someone else.
Hey, I can’t meet a girl today
and start “washing her head” with lies in the name of winning her heart, I am not a fan of using such antics in getting a girl down. If I have no car, and who
she prefers is the type of guy who has gotten a car already, come on, I let her be.
I know it would be quite
painful letting/watching her (a girl I love so much) to leave my life; but I
have to let go, because I cannot live like who I am not truly destined to be. She likes
a guy who has car right? Yeah, I can buy a car but that might not be my priority
at the moment.
Listen, she can even help you
as a guy to establish your life, be you into business or working in an
organization; and you guys will even buy more than a car at the end: it’s all about understanding. If she
prefers an already-made guy, you let her go, and go make your own life ready. It is not right to be wasting your
time fighting over a girl with another man; let her decide who she wants to be
with. That’s my own principle, and that’s my opinion/advice.
I think I have to tell you a
bit of my experience during my first relationship; maybe that will make you
understand what I mean. I met her after my SSCE (in 2010, yeah, I am right, 2010); we
started dating and everything was going pretty well. To cut the story short, on the third year of our relationship I began to notice her
strange attitudes.
She changed, quite unlike her, unlike the girl I used to know. I know who I am, and I don’t
die in silence, so I politely told her what I have observed of her behaviours
and attitudes towards our affair; she denied initially that she did not change, but trust me, even if
you don’t want to say the truth, I will lure you into saying it.
So, when she has realized that
she could not hide it any more from me, she has to open up to me that she was
double dating (which started on the second year of our relationship). I
tried to discover if I was the cause, but her answer showed that I was not.
According her, it was distance barrier.
That’s so painful, because I so
much LOVED her, yes I did, and she also loved me, but she can’t help herself
than to double date. I have already prepared myself to accept a nasty outcome when I realized what was about happening. I thought of everything, and I found out that keeping
silent and letting the relationship to continue that way isn’t right: I so much
respect my principles and keep to my life tenets.
So, after few days, I rang her
and give her another chance to choose between two of us who she would prefer to
be with; although I still assured her that I loved her if she can get back to
me. I didn’t love her for sex (which I didn’t even had with her). I loved her
because I really did, and she knew how to make me to bring out the best in me; a
thought of her then was an inspiration to me.
After some days; I got back to
her, and she made her choice that she would love to continue with the other
guy; and do you know what I did? I let go, yes I did, although that was not
easy for me: my first love, first girl I had let my psyche to fall in love
with; but I had to let her go.
Till today she still respects
me for my decision; I didn’t go into competing or fighting with the other guy
over her all because I loved her so much and won’t want to lose her; but what
about her? Did she love me like I did? It pisses me off hearing or seeing a guy
fighting with fellow man over a “babe”; mehn, that’s shit!
If she loves you, she is damn
yours and you are not gonna be fighting over her, rather you will be fighting
for her, because she has already accepted to be yours and really yours indeed.
So, I don’t fight over a girl
with another guy; rather I fight for a girl who has accepted to be mine, a girl
who knows who I am and decides to be with me among other guys out there: that’s
the true love. I am not saying that you cannot prove to a girl that you love
her so much and prove to her that you are/can be better than any other guy.
I am not saying that; I am only
telling you that you should prove to her that you love her, but don’t go into
fighting or competing with another guy over her. That will make you to be unreal as
you may end up doing things that on normal circumstances you won’t accept to do
What I am saying in essence is
that no need for two men/guys to be fighting over a girl; the girl in question
should decide who she desires and go for him, and let her make sure she will
really go for that one she desires, and that’s it. If she is confused; then let
her do a thorough research on who each of the two guys are. The two guys fighting
over her would be getting her more confused, I think.
There is an adage that says
thus: if you love something, you let it go, if it comes back to you, then it is
yours and it is meant for you; but you should know when to let go and when not to let go. If you let go of something you love at the wrong time, it might not come back to you. When you love a flower, you need not to pluck it
off the flower plant, because if you do, it will fade away, and the beauty would
be lost. So, to retain that beauty you behold in that flower, you have to keep
watering the flower plant so that it blossoms.
If something is meant to be, it
will surely be; if she is meant for you, she will surely hold onto you. She
won’t even advise or allow you to fight or compete over her with another man.
She will declare for you and reject whatever the other guy might be offering
her to get her attention/interest.
That’s by the way; let me
appreciate you for visiting and for reading up this article. I am sure you have
something to say about my opinions in this article; please make use of the
comment section below to let me and others to know what you think about this.
Don’t forget that you have
missed lots of updates, so feel free to surf this blog and access other
interesting articles already published.
See you once again, because I
will keep writing and publishing more articles on this blog. You are a legend,
live out the potentials in you. Always do the right things and wait for your rewards.
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