“I Look Forward To Being Married One Day, But…” –The Inspirational Parrot

Those who are so close to me
will attest to the fact that I am never moved (at the moment) by marriage. In
fact, marriage is far down my scale of preference; but that does not mean that
I am not thinking about marriage. Read more to discover more…

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Marriage is a beautiful thing,
I have understood a lot about marriage even though I am still unmarried.
Everyone will love to get married one day, but our thoughts of getting married
differ; yeah, they do.
Someone may be thinking of
getting married just to have a home; yeah, that’s a good thing to think of when
one is thinking about getting married. Nothing pains me about marriage than seeing a
married home that is not in peace: where the sanctity of marriage has been
I can still remember how female
friends of mine do feel whenever I do say in their hearing that I am not interested in getting
married at the moment; they would be like: “hey, stop saying that; you will get
married okay!”. They are not wrong, just that they don’t get the nature of the
thoughts in my mind.
Having being a relationship
advocate for some years has made me have a clear view and a deep understanding
of what is happening in relationships; and in marriages these days. True
relationship is something that is very hard to build; how much more building a
true home, by that I mean marriage.
I am also thinking about
getting married one day, but I mean to the right woman; of course one of the
bad things about marriage is getting married to a wrong person. Someone would
ask, how someone would be able to know if his /her partner is not the right person.
That is one issue some young
people have; if you are real and mean damn business that you love someone and
that you really need to spend the rest of your life with him/her; I am pretty
sure that you should not be in a hurry to compromise.
I have been in love, couple of
times; most relationship advocates and experts did not just come up with doing
what they do; some of us have had lots of experiences about love, relationship,
and marriage; even if all of those experiences aren’t personal, they were vicarious.
I look forward to getting
married one day, but to the right woman, who will help make my life better than I
would be on meeting her; and I will in turn help her become a woman of her true
dreams. Married life is so beautiful to behold when you plan it very well, and
when you settle down with someone who knows how to deal with you.
If you are still single, I am
sure thought of “getting married one day” does come into your mind, if not all the time, it will be
once in a while. Ehm, someone like me is not that much bothered with thoughts
of marriage; hustling thoughts have taken up most spaces in my mind; but hey, I
do have feelings of loving someone right inside me.
May God help everyone one of us
to make the right choice, Amen. Remember, it ain’t just by saying the prayer
and shouting Amen, but by your lifestyles and your attitudes. Pay attention to
whoever you are dealing with at the moment; don’t be overwhelmed by the
feelings and lovely moments you guys share.
To my fellow single guys out
there, I am not asking you not to be thinking about getting married (which most
of you ain’t even thinking of), even some of those guys who say it out to girls
are not real; just flattery. Be real to every person you love; let that person
know who you are and what you need from him/her; that’s the beginning of
building a true relationship, and that will pave way to a lasting marriage.
Woe be tide you that you do
have the best of lovers when you are unmarried, but at the end you get married
to the wrong man or woman. Make hay while sun shines; I have being avoiding lots
of girls, they might not know why, but their mindsets are so wrong when it
comes to meeting a guy for the first time. Anyway, I do tell them in a polite
manner about their mindsets towards meeting guys; they need to be edified.
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I am not that Church-type of a
guy you may be thinking about; I am not the type that always preach the Bible
or that loves going to Church. But I am a good person, I believe in God and His
existence; I believe in living a good life; I live by good principles of life, and that’s what has kept me going
and succeeding in life. I still have a lot to publish about love, relationship,
sexual life, and marriage.
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