“It Is Not That Some Of Us Cannot Make Money Illegally Or That We Do Not Want To, But…” –NDJP

Listen, it’s
not that SOME of us can’t MAKE MONEY ILLEGALLY or that we don’t want to, but that…
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It’s not that
SOME of us can’t MAKE MONEY ILLEGALLY or that we don’t want to. Just that we
have not had or seen the OPPORTUNITY to make it ILLEGALLY.
I am not going
to write much; I will only spew out my mind and that’s all. Then I will allow
my readers (you and others) to tell me what they think about this topic.
Some people are
even ready to make money illegally if given the opportunity; I am damn serious
about this. Just give them the opportunity and they will seize it 100% and make
cool money, although some of us are still being scared away by the risks
involved in making money illegally.
I am not trying
to support making money illegally or trying to say that making money illegally
is good; I am only saying the reality. I hope you understand me, I am only
saying what I have come to realize about money making; and this might buttress
the view that some people don’t just decide to make money illegally, but
because they see the opportunity at their doorsteps.
You may be
wondering if I am one of those who can make money illegally if given the
opportunity; yes, I am, but it all depends on the particular means. Making
money illegally isn’t my utmost aim or priority, I want to make money legally
and I have been doing lots of things to see if I can make it in a legit way.
But under
extreme financial challenges, and when I am surfaced with the opportunity, I
might be pushed into illegal money making, the risks and disadvantages
notwithstanding; but I am not thinking of that as the way to make my own money
in life; hahahahahahahahaha. Don’t quote me wrong ooooo…
Most of the
so-called Politicians are not making all their money legally. Some of them
still have some illegal means through which they hit cash. I am sure that you
won’t dispute this fact. Someone in government will have the effrontery to
hijack money worth billions of Naira and sit on it as his/her own money, and
you will come out to tell me that he/she made such money legally.
me, I might not be right having said this, but I’m correct and it’s true. I am
only unveiling the thoughts of my mind in written form.
do you think about this topic: do you think some of us are ready to make money
illegally if surfaced with the opportunity? What about you, under harsh
financial challenges, would your resort to illegal money making?
me hear from you, drop your opinions and contributions. Thanks for visiting;
please share this post with others so as to have them here to be part of this.
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