Life And Tides Of Legends (Second Edition): Jim Rohn, An American Entrepreneur, Author and Motivational Speaker (Life History, Challenges, And Achievements)

In the first edition of this
online documentary (program) tagged “Life And Tides of Legends”, our focus was
on Chief Dr. Nwachukwu A. Anakwenze (MD, MPH, MBA). But on this edition, our
focus will be on another Legend, Jim Rohn, An American Entrepreneur, Author and
Motivational Speaker. I am sure that you will grab something useful from this
edition of the program. Keep reading.

I have said it before, and I am
going to keep saying it that nobody is born or meant to be nobody; at times,
people make themselves to seem like nobody by not utilizing the potentials in
Each of us has wonderful
potentials in us with which we can make ourselves great and outstanding in
life. There is no field of human endeavours in this cosmos where you cannot see
legends, there is absolutely none.
So, you are wrong if you think
that you too cannot become a legend in that field of yours. Look deeply into
yourself, you will see that you can soar so high above your predecessors and
become a legend or one of the legends in that field of human endeavour.
It doesn’t matter how many
legends are already known in that field of yours. There is no particular number
of legends limited to any field in this life. If you work and do better than
other legends, you will be greater than them; and if you do things similar to
the ones they have done or the ones they do, you will counted among them.
That’s by the way; let us now
take a good look at the life and tides of Jim Rohn, An American Entrepreneur,
Author and Motivational Speaker; let us see what his life had been all about
so far.
As published by Wikipedia, Emanuel
James “Jim” Rohn was born in Yakima, Washington, to Emanuel and
Clara Rohn. The Rohns owned and worked a farm in Caldwell, Idaho, where
Jim grew up as an only child.
Jim Rohn left college after
just one year and started his professional life by working as a human
resource manager for department store Sears. Around this time, a friend
invited him to a lecture given by famous entrepreneur John Earl Shoaff.
Rohn joined Shoaff’s direct selling business AbundaVita as a
distributor in 1955.
Part of what made Jim Rohn who
he was in life came through mentorship by other legends in the field he had
interest in; one of his mentors is John Earl Shoaff, a famous entrepreneur. we
will discover that as we go further in this documentary.
In 1957, Rohn resigned his
distributorship with AbundaVita and joined Nutri-Bio, another direct selling
company. It was at this point that the company’s founders, including Shoaff,
started to mentor him. 
I learnt that after the mentorship,
Jim Rohn built one of the largest organizations in the company. Then, in 1960
when Nutri-Bio expanded into Canada, Jim Rohn was selected as a vice
president for the organization by Shoaff and the other founders.
We have seen his life
challenges and achievements as an entrepreneur in the above paragraphs. Now,
let us see how he became a renowned motivational speaker during his lifetime.
After Nutri-Bio went out of
business in the early 1960s, Rohn was invited to speak at a meeting of
his Rotary Club. He accepted and, soon, others began asking him to speak
at various luncheons and other events.
Records have it that in 1963 (Beverly
Hills Hotel), he gave his first public seminar. He then began presenting
seminars all over the country, telling his story and teaching his personal
development philosophy.
One thing I have come to
observe about legends and great achievers is that they are never limited to
just one thing. As we can see in the case of Jim Rohn, he was an entrepreneur,
but when it seemed like entrepreneurship wasn’t going well for him any longer,
he switched to motivational/public speaking. Let us continue with the life and
tides of Jim Rohn.
Throughout the 1970s, Rohn
conducted a number of seminars for Standard Oil. At the same time, he
participated in a personal development business called “Adventures in
Achievement”, which featured both live seminars as well as personal development
workshops. He presented seminars worldwide for more than 40 years.
Mentors are not mentored to
become tormentors to other people; rather they are mentored so as to prepare
them to be able to mentor others. We have learnt in previous paragraphs that
Jim Rohn was mentored by people such as John Earl Shoaff. Below, we will
discover those whom Jim Rohn mentored. Keep reading.
Rohn mentored the
following legends listed below:
  • Mark R. Hughes, the founder of Herbalife International.
  • Life coach Tony Robbins in the late 1970s.
  • Mark Victor Hansen (Everton Edwards), author, founder of Hallmark innovators Conglomerate Company limited. 
  • Jack Canfield, an author, (Chicken Soup book series).
  • Author/lecturer Brian Tracy.
  • Todd Smith.
  • T. Harv Eker.
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It is also substantial to
mention that Jim Rohn also coauthored the novel Twelve Pillars with Chris
Every good and great
work/achievement goes with a reward. Rohn was the recipient of the 1985 National
Speakers Association CPAE Award for excellence in speaking. He is also the
author of 17 different written, audio, and video media.
Having unveil all these above, let
me talk about his last days on earth and how he dies. History records that Jim
Rohn died of pulmonary fibrosis on December 5, 2009. He is buried
in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.
Death is not the end of every
legend, even when a legend has gone home to unite with his creator and
ancestors, his achievements and legacies still live on. I know that one day, I myself
who love to talk about and to unveil legends would die, and my own story would
be told, just as I have told the stories of other legends.
In recapitulation, let me bring
to your knowledge that in other to go far in whatever thing you may find yourself
doing in this life, mentorship is very important, and you really need to be
careful in selecting your mentors, else you may select tormentors.
I am so happy today having
succeeded in publishing the second edition of this program which focused on the
life and tides of Jim Rohn as a Legend. What a joy I feel right inside of me
having done this.
I, Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu
(popularly known as NDJP and/or The Inspirational Parrot) has written this
article out of the immense love I have for Legends (men of values who have made
great and positive impacts in society), and owing to my interest in unveiling
trends of legends.
With time, I am going to extend
this program by writing about other Legends from other places (crossing
different races and countries all over the world) in subsequent editions. Stay
tuned, subscribed to this blog, so as not to miss any of the editions of thisprogram.
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