Poem: “Tears Of Syrian Children: Where is Justice?” Written By Warazi Onyelobi

Nigerian legendary Poet, Warazi
Onyelobi, wrote this poem for Syrian Children. In the poem, he lays great
emphasis on Justice in our modern society. According to the legendary Poet, the
content of the poem is what we get in a world where Justice is MAN-MADE. Read
more to find out more…

I see the anger burning with
fury in your eyes
As you watch justice speak nothing but powerful lies
Your tears is because you have realized that life is not fair
And you have chosen to die in silence because nobody would care
There is no justice in the
world but it’s made only by the strong
At times to make things right you have to do what is wrong
I can see the wounds and sores you feel within
If there is an end to this, you only wish the end of the world to begin
There is nothing like justice
in a world where truth is treason
They separated sin from crime so that they can send you to prison
There’s no justice, you make one by fighting back or waging a war
It is clearer, when those who make the law, break the same law
For Syrian Children
Poet: Warazi Darklight Onyelobi
Credit: Warazi’s Poems
Written By:
Warazi Onyelobi
Poet and Passionate Writer

Warazi Onyelobi
Credit: Warazi’s Poems

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