Six (6) Important Information Which All Prospective Corps Members Should Know Before Going To Camp!

In this piece of writing are six (6) important information which all prospective Corps members should
know before going to camp; this is for both those who schooled in Nigeria and abroad and are ready for their NYSC one year programme. Read more
to find out.

One of the problems some PCMs
(Prospective Corps Members) have is that they lack necessary information before
going to Camp. It is advisable that every PCM get the necessary information
he/she is required to know before entering Camp.
So, I have deemed it worthy to
help some of them who might not have known about these pieces of information to
be in the know before they would be stranded on getting to the Camp.
Below Are Six (6) Important
Information Which All Prospective Corps Members Should Know Before Going To
i. Persons who studied In
Nigeria should bring to camp: Degree HND Certificates or Statement of Results,
Personal Identity Card from Institution of graduation.
Foreign graduates should bring
the following things for verification: original copies of ALL their uploaded
credentials and travel documents including International passport.

ii. Foreign graduates are to
ensure that academic paper(s) In Languages other than English must be
translated into English accordingly; both versions must be presented for
verification at the camp.

iii. Medical/Veterinary
Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Optometrists, Physiotherapists Nurses and
Public Environmental Health graduates should bring their professional licenses
or certificates Of full registration issued by their professional bodies.

iv. All graduates (BSc/HND of
Health Records/Information Management) must bring their professional
licenses/certificates of registration issued by their professional bodies
before they can be registered in camp.

v. 2018 Batch-B PCMs are
encouraged as a matter of priority to be immunized against cerebrospinal
meningitis before reporting to camp.

vi. PCMs are not allowed to
come into the camp with vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles.
I am sure that the above
information will be useful to all Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) as they
prepare to go to the camp.
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ask or to contribute, kindly use the comment section.
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