There Are People That Are Never Destined To Help You In This Life

There are
people that are never destined to help you in this life. No matter how much you
have helped them in the past, they won’t help you back.


spite of how much resources or money they have presently, they cannot be
triggered to help you even when you are dying. Trust me, such people do exist,
you may not have encountered them in life; and I pray that you don’t encounter
I have come
across such people in life, I am pretty sure you may have met them too. No need
to mention names. Mentioning their names in this post makes no difference to
who they are.
am only advising you to remain strong even when everything is going wrong;
don’t give up hope because no one can cope with hope, not even the Pope himself;
keep doing your destiny and keep doing it well, one day it will go well and you
will make it.
you have made it big in life, please remember to help others. Do not refuse to
help others all because someone refused to help you when you are in need of
help. Just help others and I am pretty sure that God will provide you with more
am using this opportunity to thank those who have helped me in one way or the
other. May God Almighty bless all of them, at least for helping me; and may God
also bless me so that I can be able to help others when they come asking for
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