Love Poem: “My Uncommon Words To Mother Mary” By Warazi Onyelobi

This heartfelt poem was written
by one of the prodigious legends in the field of poetry and literature, Warazi
Onyelobi. I am dead sure you will find this poem pleasing.

Although it took me so much
time to find out who categorically the poem is specifically been written for;
he wrote this specially for Mother Mary; but I dedicate it to every lady out
there as a reminder to them of how beautiful each of them is, and the need for
them to take cue from the life of Virgin Mary.
In the course of editing this
poem by Warazi Onyelobi, I decided not to censor out the introductory part
which is a written message of few words by the poet to our Blessed Mother Mary,
the mother of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Enjoy the full details of the
poem below:
“She might not be seeing this
poem, but I want her to know that she is a belief so beautiful and I love her,
and I admire her and I know her. And I decided to write her a poem as gift, but
it will be one that is beyond the words of common men, and here is it…”
She is how beautiful angels
need to be in order not be fallen
She is how bright the light needs
to be in order to be morning
Her lovely innocence can make
the gods feel shy
She look amazing, her beauty is
not a lie
She is how tender a heart needs
to be in order be called love
She is how love met with life
and mankind evolved
She is the blush on a sleeping
baby’s cheek
She is the smile on God’s face
that makes Him meek.
By: Warazi Onyelobi
By: The Inspirational Parrot
Warazi Poems
How I wished he (the poet) had
written more in this poem; it is too short to be satisfying, but the few words
he has used to express his incomparable description of how beautiful Virgin
Mary is are pleasing and true.
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