(Motivation) “You Have To Get Up And Make A Move: You Are Strong!” –Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot)

It is really sad to see some
persons who have accepted the notion that they can’t be any better; hence they
believe they ain’t strong, and can’t do anything without being wrong. It is a
lie my dear, you can be better in something if you believe you can. I am sure
that this short piece of writing will boost your motivation.


There were times in the past
when I used to think that I could never be known, when I thought that nobody would be able to
read my write-ups and my quotes; but I was wrong. Then I thought I was not
strong enough to stand up and make a move away from where I was standing.
But everything changed when I
let go of the notion that I am nobody, that I am not strong enough, and I stood up and
made a move. I know that if I didn’t fight my way through in life, that I can’t
overcome the challenges of life, and won’t be able to actualize my dreams and
It has not been easy for me so
far, but I have neither given up nor thinking of doing so any day. Nobody is
perfect, hence there are possibilities of you making mistakes in life, but
there are also rooms for amendments. Try out something, just do it; let it be
that you tried it and failed, than not trying at all.
You see that interview, don’t
be afraid, just muster up, prepare very well and go for; it will surprise you
how you will make it through. Forget what people are saying about the company or the manager. With God all things are possible.
Is it an exam, no need to be
demotivated. People may think that it would be very tough, but every success
originates from one’s mind. If you have made up your mind that success will be
achieved and you work towards it, doing every necessary things, then success
will be achieved at the end.
During my university days, in my second year as a student of Applied Biochemistry in UNIZIK, there was one borrowed course (inter departmental course) we offered. Stories had it that most students of my Department used to fail the course. The story had it that the Lecturer even fail students deliberately so that they (students) would come and sort their way through.
Having heard the stories, I did my best to prepare for the exam, and always made sure I was in class, and did everything required of me by the Lecturer; and I made a “C” in the first semester, and an “A” during the second semester.
Yet some students failed the course, even in both semesters. Success requires you to sacrifice certain things that are necessary; and you must devise a strategy to overcome every challenge.
Please, stop counting how many
times you have failed in doing things, think of newer and better ways of doing
those things and don’t let the fear of failing to hinder you from trying again.
Failing once does not mean you
will fail always; failing yesterday does not mean you will fail today, and
failing today does not mean you will fail tomorrow. Please, stand up today, stand
up now and make a move, because the more you waste time, the more opportunities
elude you.
Many great achievers in the
world had failed in one way or the other. I will in my subsequent posts share
how some renowned successful legends had failed sometime ago in their lives
Moreover, to be among the GREATEST of people in the world, you
must be strong and prepared enough to pass every GREAT-TEST life will bring your way.
You cannot achieve success
without succeeding, and to succeed in life you have to make progress. To make
progress, you need to get prepared, and preparation towards achieving success
starts from the mind.
Great ideas that led to successes
emanate from the mind; hence the need for you to be very careful of the kind of
things you feed your mind with. Lack of motivation can blind the eyes of your mind from seeing that you can be able to do something and achieve success.
If I did it despite my background, then you can; yes you
can even do it greater and better than others; but you need to work harder and
better than others. The world can only know that you exist if you do something
extraordinary. Remember that you cannot do anything extraordinary unless it’s
your destiny to.
Sometime many years ago when I was
still discovering who I truly am; then I was still living with my grandmother. Every
day I did think of how I would be able to push myself to the world. I would be wishing I were born into a richer background in life, and my eyes would be bathed in tears I thought of how my life journey would be as I move ahead.
Looking at the family background
I was born into, I would be discouraged, thinking that Chinonso can never be
better than I was then. Back then, I was only imagining of who I already am
today, and I always saw the possibility of me becoming someone better than I was
back then.
But today here I am, even
Google knows that I exist; just search for my name “Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu” or my pseudonym “The Inspirational Parrot” on www.google.com,
and you will see what Google will display for you about a boy who used to think
that all hope is lost many years ago.
I never gave up, I never let the prevailing condition at every moment of my life to discourage me from moving ahead. At the age of 16, I was motherless; at the age of 23, I became fatherless. Today I am motherless and fatherless, but I won’t let that to stop me from becoming that great person I dream of, so should you not let what you are passing through today to stop you from making a move forward.
I am encouraging you today that
your future is brighter and greater than you may be thinking of right now. Don’t
just imagine of it and get discouraged. You don’t build your greatness and
success in your mind; you have to build them with your mind, using the great
ideas in your mind.
The world is waiting to tell, to
hear, and to read your success stories, and that will be possible if you stand up now
and start to make a move towards becoming a better and greater person in life. Those who have achieved success today stood up some
time ago and made a move, and today here they are with dream come true.
One of the secrets that keep me
moving with my head up is motivation. When I say motivation, I mean CONSTANT
MOTIVATION; you should not be motivated today and leave it till next few days. Motivation
should be every second of your life; and I am sure that a site like this one
has enough contents to furnish you with constant motivation.
I am sure that this article is
helpful. In case you have any question or contributions, feel free to drop them
via the comment box. I am ready to have a personal chat with you on my personal
Facebook Page;
Thanks for coming and for reading,
please share this post with others as through sharing this post, more people will be able
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Written By:
Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu
(The Inspirational Parrot)
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