Poem: “The Sentence of Love” By Warazi Onyelobi

This is another lovely poem
from legendary Nigerian poet, Warazi Onyelobi. He captioned this one “The Sentence of Love”, and it’s just
contains few lines but with strong wordings. I am pretty sure you will be
curious to see what this poem is made up of. Read more to find out.

“The Sentence of Love” By Warazi Onyelobi
Inside you I have been locked
up inside a prison 
Give me a life sentence; I
won’t stop committing love as treason
For this is where I wish to be
throughout my life and all season
Inside you I have been drowned
in an Ocean 
Let me not afloat, that I won’t
be carried away by waves in motion
If you were a dream let me not
wake from this illusion.
By: Warazi Onyelobi
Warazi Poems
How I wished the poet had
written more in this poem; it is too short to be satisfying, but the few words
he has used to express his feelings about love are pleasing and true. Whatever
gave him the insight/inspirational to pen down this poem is extraordinary.
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