“Your PROBLEMS Should Never Become Your EMBLEMS!” –Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot)

In this article, I advise
people not to be ‘wearing’ their life challenges/problems on their bodies/faces as they move about
for their daily activities. You are definitely going to learn something from
this piece. Read more!

An emblem is a sign, an
identity, or a badge. Cars have emblems on them, each car with a unique emblem
(plate number) placed in the front and at the back of each car.

Having explained briefly what emblem
stands for; now let me ask you: what is/are your emblem(s)? What are you known for?
What is that unique thing that people will always see in you whenever you are
seen? That thing or those things are your emblem(s).

Some people move about with
their problems written all over them as their emblems such that people who may
even be kind enough to help them would be scared away as their problems are all
written all over them.

I know you may be passing
through critical life challenges, but never let your problems to become your
emblems. Do not let people to sight your problems just on glancing at your

Look good, dress nice, and wear
smiling faces from time to time. And keep praying to God to give you the
strength, insights, and resources to face and overcome your life challenges. There
is nobody in this life without a problem; just that some persons go about with
their problems written all over their lives.

I think the message is now
clearer: your problems should not become your emblems such that people will be
using your problems to describe you whenever they are talking about you.

Sometimes I would be ‘broke’
but people would look at me and be saying: “Nonso, you are eating money oooo”.
But right within my mind, I know that I am not financially buoyant, but I should
not go about letting my problems to be written all over my life. I always look
good as I work assiduously to stabilize my financial status.

May God help you to be able to
do this as it is easier said than done. Many may have made up their mind not to
let people know about what their problems are by merely looking at them, but
have not been able to achieve that.

Remember that what I am saying
is different from living in pretence. They are two different things. I am not
advising you to go about telling people who you are not, this pretence; but I am
advising you not to put on your problems.

Yes, you are having problems;
of course you have, but do not let it to always show on you as you seek means
to solve them.

Thanks for coming to this blog
to read this post; I write to add values to people’s lives and to motivate my
readers. I hope you have learnt something from this article. I will be sharing
more articles that will help make your life better.

Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

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