Birthday Shout-Outs: Happy Birthday Anniversary To This Young Legend, Comr. Rotr. Chinedu Nsude (Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder Zamani Footwear Collections)

[Comr. Rotr. Chinedu Nsude]
This special birthday
shout-out goes to a Legend, Comr. Rotr. Chinedu Nsude (Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder Zamani Footwear Collections), a legendary product of UNIZIK.

If we do not celebrate
legends, who will? We make sure that we bring to light young legends who have
achieved success in life.
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Comr. Rotr. Chinedu Nsude, popularly known as DJ Zamani, was a Graduate of Applied Biochemistry, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State of Nigeria, (UNIZIK),
Class of 2017. He hails from Enugu State, Eastern part of the country.
But his passion for
entrepreneurship led to his success in manufacturing of Footwear (unisex),
notwithstanding his course of study. He believes in the philosophy that what
one studied in school should not stop one from venturing into other life
endeavours where one believes one can find favour in.
The Fantastic Four of UNIZIK:
Comr. Rotr. Chinedu Nsude (extreme right)

You may love to know more about the fantastic four of UNIZIK by checking out the post below:


Comr. Rotr. Chinedu Nsude fully started his footwear production during his second year in the
university, and his brand has already gained recognition among students and
staff of UNIZIK, as well as those of
other campuses.
Zamani did not go into
footwear production due to poor academic grade; he has already started learning
about footwear production before he got admitted into the university.
In fact, he is one of those
students who graduated with good results among his set. But one must not earn
money from what he studied in the university, just as Comr. Rotr. Chinedu Nsude (Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder Zamani Footwear Collections), is doing at the
During his undergraduate
days, he took very active participation in school politics. He was once
Director of Socials (D.O.S) of Applied Biochemistry Students’ Association (ABSA UNIZIK Chapter) in his 200 level, and later in his 400 level became the
President of ABSA where he recorded huge successes politically.
In spite of his active participation
in school politics, he still came out with a good result, and was one of the ABSA Presidents who graduated together with his classmates without having any
outstanding courses; a feat that most students involved in school politics find
it difficult to achieve.
Owing to his success in
Entrepreneurship with respect to Footwear production, the Directorate of Entrepreneurship,
Student Union Government (SUG), Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (UNIZIK) gave him a contract to take interested students
of the institution on how to make Footwear in 2018.
His brand (Zamani Footwear) has gained so much recognition on UNIZIK campus as well as on other campuses, to the ambit that students
and staff of UNIZIK use his products and have testified on the quality.
We are wishing him longevity, more success and greatness in life.
Thanks for coming around
to join us in celebrating this legend, Comr. Rotr. Chinedu Nsude (Entrepreneur, CEO &Founder Zamani Footwear Collections), and
I urge you to drop a comment.
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