“Do Not Be My Best Friend When I would Be Already Dead” – Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

all dream and pray to live a longer and healthy life, but that should not stop
you from being my best friend now that I am still breathing”. This article by Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot) is a
call to everyone to be the best of friend to people while they are still alive.
I hope you will read to the end.

am not going to write much this time around; the message I want to convey is
simple: be the best of friends to people around you. Do not wait till when they
are in want or in sorrows to remember them.

a friend comes to you seeking for help, and you know that you have what he/she
needs, please kindly help her. If it is the one that requires him or her to
pay, then let the person to know; but do not exploit him/her.
am sure that there must be a sacrifice for everything we gain in life, no
matter how little the sacrifice may be. So, telling a friend to bring a given
amount of money for a help (and you are sure you didn’t increase the amount), there
is nothing wrong in it; so long the help in question requires cost.
will always be grateful to Mr. Fidel Okechukwu; he is not just a friend in
need, but truly a friend indeed. Not just him, there are so many other people
who have helped me in life; but I singled him out in this article because of
something he did for me lately (as at the time this article was written).
Fidel Okechukwu is someone that knows what you need and will even get it to you
before you even ask for it. Those who know him will confirm what I am saying
about him. I am asking everyone to take cue from him and other nice people out
not come to my funeral to start raining eulogies about me. Whatever you have
for me, please do it for me right now that I am still alive, hale and hearty.
Love me now, show me that you love me as I am still alive. 
I will never ever
forget whoever has helped me in life: friends, family members, strangers, and
so on. I’m also telling you to always remember those who have helped you in
are even people we may have helped in life, but when it is time for them to
reciprocate our helps to them (and they are in the position to do so), they
will start playing pranks and start avoiding us, or be giving one excuse or another. 
I have experienced that in
life, but still I don’t hate such people. If they still come back for helps
from me, I will still help them; but if it is something that has monetary cost
which I had been the one bearing the cost in my previous helps to them, then
they will be the ones to pay for it this time around.
about those who make promises to people and would end up not fulfilling them? Please,
it’s better not to make promises you may not redeem; I am always careful when
it comes to making promises, I don’t just come out in Church and promise to
donate a sum I may not be able to pay, I will be on my seat and promise God in
my mind that I will donate a given amount if things work out for me. I will
rather surprise you than making a promise to you and would end up not
fulfilling it.
won’t even remember that you spent millions during my funeral, but as long as I
breathe in and out, I am always grateful to those who have helped me in life in
one way or the other, no matter how little. 
Give what you have (no matter how little), I have
remembered time ago when someone helped me with some cash to repair my PC, he
told me that he can only afford a given amount and not all the money, and I
understood and accepted the amount he could afford. That’s life for you.
you that seek help from people, remember that they also have their own
individual/personal needs; so if they told you vividly that they cannot help
you at the moment, please understand them. Don’t see it as if they don’t want
to help you, especially someone who has helped you before.
can still remember times when people approached me for a given amount of money,
one that I know that if I had right then I would afford; but I was not able to
help them out, and I always feel bad not helping. 
They may not really know or understand what I was passing
through then. That’s why I am always simple and humble, and I hate boasting about how much
in my account as that may make some people to think awry about my worth.
I am a blogger does not mean that I am making millions or even thousands. Have you ever asked yourself how blogging pays or brings money? Have
you ever visited our blog? If you had visited our blog before; please, how
often? How many times do you share or retweet our updates?
some people would bring something for me to post for them on our blog,
something to promote their own business or image or event, and they still want me to do it 100%
Very funny and inconsiderable of them; that shows how cynic they are. Blogging
involves cost; I may not charge them what I will charge someone who isn’t that
close to me, but the worst thing is that they really want me to do it for them
gratis. In essence, be considerable in life when you ask people for help; that’s what I am trying to say in this paragraph.
piece of writing is an advice to everyone, I am sure that this article is
useful to you. If you think that this post has something useful, please share
it with others; and drop comments
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Written By: Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot; NDJP)
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