Educational Tips/Advice: Five (5) Essential Things All Fresh Graduates Should Know

In this article, you will
discover five (5) essential things all fresh graduates should know. I am sure
they will help prepare you as you go into the labour market as they will help
bring favours to you in life.

It is the dream of every
undergraduate to become a graduate as nobody will love to remain an
undergraduate forever; but fresh graduates should know that it does not end in
graduation as the voyage of life continues.
Do not leave the statement
“Aluta Continua, Victoria Aceta” behind as you have graduate; let the fire of
aluta spirit keep burning in your mind as that will motivate you as you face
life as a fresh graduate.
There is always a great joy for
having written your last paper as an undergraduate and fresh graduate will be
everywhere celebrating the fact that they just finished writing their Degree
Indeed, it has not been an easy
task to have spent four years or more in the tertiary institution and finally
graduates with your mates. I have to remind you that many people dropped out of
school, some others died and others suffered many misfortunes which affected
their graduation time.
Do not be surprised that
someone you wrote entrance examination into tertiary institution (such as
UTME/JAMB) same year with may still be looking for admission whilst you’ve
graduated. So it is really a great feat you have accomplished and you deserved
to be celebrated.
But I have to let you to know
these five essential things as a fresh graduate; I am sure that they will be
useful to you. I have taken my time to source and gather information contained
in this article just to help get you readied for the tasks ahead.
You Are Not The First Graduate And You Will Not Be The Last:
Let me remind you that you are
not the first person to graduate and you will surely not be the last. So bear
this mind, and your celebration should be in moderation.
In celebration of graduation, some
fresh graduates will go to the beer parlour, some to hotels and other places to
celebrate. They do this, thinking that they are the first or last graduate.
I am not saying that you should
go to such places, but be very careful as some met their unfortunate death at
places where they went to celebrate their graduation. You ain’t the first
graduate in the world, although you may be the first in your family, clan,
village, or town.
Many Graduates End Up Unemployed:
There are so many reasons why
Nigerian graduates are unemployed; I will still publish an update on that soon.
It will even shock you to know that some Nigerian graduates are unemployed
because they are unemployable.
You will find out if you among
the unemployable ones after reading the article. I doubt if there is anything
worth celebrating, if at the end you remain unemployed. The school system will
graduate you into the labour market and it is at that time your labour starts;
but you are the one attract favours to your labours. Therefore, when you write your
final paper, do not be over-joyous; remember that you have more hurdles to
surpass. Officially, you are out of school, but learning continues as there are
so many things you won’t learn in the classroom.
Many People Come Back For Extra Year After All The Celebration:
Okay, let me make it clear that
at the moment you just wrote your last paper, you have not seen your final
results. So, you are just celebrating with the hope and optimism that you won’t
fail any course you wrote in your final year.
There have been cases of many
students who go back for extra semester or extra year at the point of
graduation. Probably, somebody reading this article might be in that category,
Therefore, do not celebrate
because others are celebrating. Returning back to come and study after all the
water pouring and writing on the white shirts does not make any sense. Mind the
way you do your celebration.
This is not to make those who
have extra year to feel bad; you should not, just trying to remind you that the
celebration does not stop the realities. So celebrate wisely and moderately.
Your Confusion Starts At The Point Of Graduation:
Once you have graduated,
confusions come in as lots of unanswered questions would start popping up in
your mind; but if you have set your goals very well, you will still see a
bright future ahead.
It’s possible that at the point
of graduation, many fresh graduates become as confused as they have never been
before. Many of them do not know what next to do and where next to go to.
Therefore, look beyond the point of graduation and see what the future holds
for you.
At the point of graduation, you
will start remembering what you have done wrong as an undergraduate; you may be
regretting why you didn’t take up certain opportunities or skills why you were
an undergraduate, especially if you have realized that those skills would have
been useful to you as a graduate.
But the good news is that you
still have lots of chances to grab those skills as a (fresh) graduate. So, do not
let the confusing thoughts flooding your mind to make to lose focus.
When the confusion is too much,
please confide in someone who will be able to get you cleared of those
confusing thoughts.
Life Does Not End Here, You Just Concluded A Stage:
As a fresh graduate, you should
know that life does not end after your last paper or even after seeing your
last results or grades. Life is like a book that has many chapters; at this
point of graduation, you have not concluded the entire chapters of the book
(life). You just finished another chapter, and will be going into the next
chapter of life.
So, be careful of your
celebrations, and don’t be carried away. As a young man, you may get
intoxicated and get a girl pregnant, or you may fight under the influence of
alcohol and kill/injure somebody or you may get killed or injured and other
forms of unforeseen bad happenings.
Young girls should be very
careful as someone you offended may plan evil for you in retaliation. We have
had cases where fresh graduates were bathed with acid; some got killed, and so
The most painful part is when a
fresh graduate gave up the ghost as people are pouring him/her all sorts of
things; or as he/she was trying to run away from friends who are pouring
him/her water and other substances.
You can quietly do your
celebration and not violently. Final year and graduation year is a year of
sober reflection, and when one should be closer to God as there are lots of
challenges that accompany final/graduation year.
I am now sure that you have
learnt something from this article; do well to share with others and to make
good use of what you have learnt from this post.
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