Educational Advice: Four (4) Useful Pieces Of Advice For All Fresh Graduates

In this article, you will
discover four (4) useful pieces of advice which I believe all fresh graduates
deserve to have; and I am not excluding old graduates because what is good for
fresh ones can also work for the old ones, as the case may be. Kindly keep reading
to know more.

I was once a student
(an undergraduate I meant), but now I am a Graduate, and thanks to God that I made it
through without any issues and with a good result in spite of all the
challenges I encountered while on campus.
Let me congratulate all the
fresh graduates once again, it’s not really easy to make it through after four
years or more (depending on the course in question).
In my previous article, I
shared Educational Tips/Advice On Five (5) Essential Things All Fresh Graduates Should Know.
I am sure that post will also be beneficial to you.
Now, let me reveal the four (4)
useful pieces of advice which I have for all of the fresh graduates (and as
well as old graduates) across all the higher institutions. Enjoy it and make
good use of the advice, hoping that you share with others.
Learn How To Do Little Thing:
Most fresh graduates lack
enthusiasm in doing little things, most especially when the money that will
come out of it is small compared to their expectations.
You should learn how to do
little things, because those little things will give you some insights on how
to tackle big things. Okay, let me put it this one; some graduates (not just
fresh graduates) overlook little skills or skills on how to do some little
What they don’t know is that
with those little skills aggregated together, you can form a great skill which
can even give you advantage over others when seeking for a job from an
Go out there and pick certain
skills on dong certain little things because they really matter. You must not
start practicing your discipline immediately after graduation.
Learn some entrepreneurial
skills as you wait for your NYSC programme or for bigger jobs. Remember that
you are a graduate and you are expected to solve some of your needs, at
I am always free to interact
with you, feel free to drop comments or use the CONTACT-US PAGE on this blog to
reach me. There are certain things I may not say in this particular article
because I am not being specific; but when you contact me, I can specifically
point out things you need to know.
Okay, let me give examples of
little things; they include learning how to use few computer programs (MS Word,
Corel Draw, Excel, and so on) which means you should go for Computer Training
School or meet friends who are good in that to teach you. If you are in Anambra State and need a private computer lesson; kindly CLICK HERE to learn how to go about it.
There are so many little things
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You Should Develop Yourself:
Most of you may be thinking
that having become a graduate means that you are already developed or that you
need not do certain things which undergraduates are meant to do while on campus
to develop their lives the more.
Even before I got admission
into the university, I have started developing myself; and while I was on
campus as an undergraduate, I was also developing myself. I was not the kind
of person who only moves from his/her room to class rooms, then back to his/her room.
I did certain extracurricular
activities while on campus, I took part in politics, and I went for seminars
and conferences outside school vicinity; I did not leave out social activities. I met people and gathered skills and
knowledge because I knew that when I leave campus, they (the skills and knowledge) will be beneficial to
Development is a continual
process in everyone’s life; you keep developing yourself as you keep living. After
graduation, you must develop yourself in order to remain relevant. In most
institutions, you will only receive theoretical knowledge, with little or no practical experiences.
Theories will never make you
relevant in anything. So, you need to spend the first few months after
graduation to develop yourself the more. Learn practical skills, those that can help you to be better and greater person in life.
There might be no good jobs at
the end, yet money must be made. That there is no job after graduation is not
enough reason to fold your hands and sit at home. Try an alternative, you have
brain and as a graduate in any field, you are expected to be able to think out
solutions to issues.
Look into yourself deeply, think
of something else you can do apart from that related to your course of study.
Ask yourself this question: “If my certificate or course of study is taken away
from my life, what else can I be able to do in this life?”
The answer(s) to the question
above will help you to know other things you can venture into and still excel.
Those things are mostly your passions, and your talents; those things you are
congenitally or naturally endowed with.
Start developing yourself in
any of those things that are your passion. Who told you that Nigerian most popular blogger, Linda Ikeji, studied Blogging and Media Publicity in
university? She studied English Language in University of Lagos, but today she is making money as a Blogger, Entrepreneur and Writer.


Most top music artistes, movie stars, and celebrities did not study their career
in school, yet they are living big. You should not be an exception, as I
encourage and advise you to develop yourself after graduation.

Work Towards Becoming Independent:
Once you have graduated, you
are supposed to be independent, at least to certain ambit. Your parents may
still be feeding you or may not, depending on where you are staying at the
moment. But depending on others for little wants is no more expected of a
graduate; for instance, you should be able to recharge your mobile phone (even your data subscriptions), you
should be able to get yourself a nice dress you love, and some other things.
It is assumed that graduating
from the university also means graduating from the lifestyle of dependency. As
a fresh graduate you are, you are a fully “fledged” man and woman, meaning that
you have been trained enough that you can be able to carter for yourself if no
one cares to help you any longer.
Life of independence is what I
advise young people to start working towards in time, even before you gain
admission, and whilst an undergraduate. I started fighting for my financial
independence before I gained admission into the university, although that was
to certain degree, despite the fact that I am the last child of my family.
Even right now that I am
already a graduate, I am already bothered that I am still somehow dependent on
my people for certain things; I am the last child of my mother, but I never let
that notion of being the last child to stop me from fighting hard to become
independent as a young person who just graduated a year ago (2017).
If you just see how many ideas
I have come up with in life to generate income, you won’t just sit down lazing
about, still depending on people. If 50% of all my business ideas have worked,
I would be sitting down right now while others would be working for me.
So, as a fresh graduate, work
hard to be independent. Look for something to be doing, no matter how small you
are earning from it. That you are a graduate does not mean you should not do
any other work aside the ones related to what you studied in the university.
A classmate of mine (a female)
who even graduated with a 3rd Class certificate is earning N40,000
every month somewhere in Lagos. She is already doing her NYSC programme and
lucky for her she got posted to a tech firm in Lagos where she is paid N40,000
monthly aside her monthly NYSC allowance of N19,800. Remember that she studied
Applied Biochemistry in the university.
She must have had some
skills/knowledge in ICT that gave her the opportunity to secure such a place of
work. Don’t be surprised that she would be retained after her NYSC programme
and there is possibility that she would be receiving over N70,000 as a member
of the staff of the tech firm.  
Even if you don’t want to do
the available works, then you be able to bring up ideas, I mean business ideas;
if those ideas are convincing enough, your parents or relatives or anyone who
care for you may be moved to support you financially to execute your business

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Write down your business ideas, even if you don’t have the money to
bring them to fruition at the moment; what about tomorrow? You may have the
money tomorrow, and by then those ideas may not be remembered by your any longer.

Please, you should not continue
to be a liability to others as a fresh graduate. Start up something as you pray
God to bless you. I believe that it’s better for someone to have something
doing, and then he/she will be asking God to bless him/her in her endeavours.
Work While Waiting For NYSC And Also Work During
I have tried to make fresh
graduates to understand that NYSC programme is not a job; I am not saying that it is not
important, at least get the certificate; although I am personally disappointed
in the system as Corps members are suffering in some States while others are
enjoying in other States. That’s by the way.
Don’t just graduate and put all
your interest in NYSC monthly allowance; as you wait for NYSC programme, please
find a nice work to be doing. You must not be working in a comfortable office;
yes, I said so. Just get a job at a location where you can still be able to
have some money left at the end of the month after your expenses.
It is not a must that you will
go for NYSC immediately after your graduation; some people even start to work
after graduation to save some money for their clearance and for the expenses
that come with NYSC programme, while some are so lucky that their people provide them with all the financial supports to finish clearance and go for NYSC programme.
So, I am encouraging you to start
working while waiting for your service. Even whilst your NYSC programme is
ongoing, look for a work that will be convenient for you to be doing which
won’t interfere with your NYSC programme.
After my graduation, I happened
to be the person who managed a tutorial center owned by a very close male friend
of mine which is situated in my hometown, Abagana, in Anambra State of Nigeria.
At the tutorial, we hold classes for WAEC and JAMB candidates. Even before I
got admission, which was after writing my SSCE, I also taught in a tutorial
center as a means of developing myself and also for making some money.
What led to what I said in the
above paragraph is that during the period I was managing the lesson center as a
fresh graduate, one of our teachers, Gaius by name, who taught Mathematics and Physics
was a Corps member. He was serving in one of the nearby secondary schools;
hence he also find it reasonable to be teaching in tutorial center and use
whatever he received to augment his NYSC allowance, and other stipends.
No matter how short the period
before your NYSC programme and that of the period for your NYSC programme might be, do not waste it. Many things
can be learnt in a short period of time, and there are some works that are just
for a short period of time.
There were times (before I got
admission) when I was working at building sites, I even used to go for outside
works in nearby towns and States together with my colleagues; those works were
just for the period of time I was still seeking for admission into the
university, and I must tell you that I learnt a lot doing the work and other

In conclusion, this piece of writing was not written to discourage you or to make
you think that you have a lot of works to be done. I shared it to open up the
eyes of your mind so that you will able to see what you should know or do as a fresh
graduate; to ‘ginger’ your spirit so that you will buckle up and start working
towards a greater and better tomorrow.
This article is to help you in rebranding
your mindsets. There is much ground to be gained if you can work hard. Life
does not end at this stage, therefore keep on pushing on and keep praying to
God to lead you through the path that connects to your success and greatness.
I must appreciate you for
reading this article till the end despite the fact that it is a bit lengthy,
but I am dead sure that it contains valuable pieces of advice and surely you
must have grabbed a lesson from it and my own personal experiences and those of
others I shared in this article must have motivated you to sit up and work
harder and better.
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Finally, you will see other
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