How To Make Perfect Ugba Delicacy (Recipe & Ingredients)

How To Make Perfect Ugba Delicacy (Recipe & Ingredients)
If you’ve never had a plate of Ugba before, then it would be an honor for me to let you know that you’ve been missing out on a meal that’s not only easy to prepare but also very tasty and nutritious. 

This delicacy is very popular among the  Eastern Nigerians especially at ceremonial occasions. 


So today we’re bring the ceremony right to your living room as we share this long-standing recipe.

– 1 cup ugba/ukpaka 

– Fresh pepper

– Utazi leaves 

– Pomo 

– Palm oil 

– Onion 

– Salt

– Ogiri (Optional)

– Garden egg 


1. Wash and slice onion,fresh pepper, garden egg and utazi leaves.
2. Heat up the palm oil for few seconds, pour in the onion, fresh pepper and pomo, then stir fry for a minute.
3. Add salt and pour in the ugba. stir and pour in the utazi leaves.
4. Add sliced garden egg to it and your Ugba or Ukpaka Palm oil sauce is ready.
Serve with cooked or roasted plantain or yam.
Enjoy! If you like our African dishes recipes kindly come back for more….
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