“I Did Everything Right, Yet Nothing Changed” Written By Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

am sure that you may have found yourself in such a scenario where you did
everything right and yet nothing changed. I have found myself number of times
in such a scenario; and I still wonder what went wrong. This post will reveal
what you should do under such conditions.

have grown up to realize that life is mysterious, and sometimes it would look
as if you forsaken. Maybe not everyone’s life is mysterious, but mine is. There
are times I will make sure that I did everything right, but nothing will
spend much time thinking about this particular scenario, wondering where the
fault is from: nature or destiny or my own fault? I have experienced this many
times this year (2017); I made plans, did everything right, yet my outcomes were not
close to my expectations.
drove me mad and left me sad, feeling so bad in my mind. What is wrong, eh? Why
nothing changed or worked for me as I expected? I would be disappointed in
myself as everything would seem as if I never did anything at all. What about
remembering the resources I put in, they became wastage.
am sure and aware that I am not the only one having this kind of experience in
life, and I shared this article to hear from others, get advice from people on
what might be the possible cause, and how to tackle the issue.
also came up with this article to encourage those who have experienced the same
thing; do not give up, okay, don’t let it to discourage you. Don’t stop trying
more and more; I always assure myself that one day the outcome will be
according to my expectations. I have never concluded that it would remain like
that for me forever, never, I said never!
don’t always work as imagined, we make plans but God makes the final decision.
I can set up a business, do publicity and expect to experience great sales
(that is an expectation which is still an imagination). So, if at the end
everything failed to work as I planned or imagined, I will still be fine, and
have to be hopeful and optimistic that things will be okay one day.
may be your fault, it may be destiny; some people may believe that someone (in
their village) is using evil means to manipulate his/her plans. Whatever you
may think is the cause of the problem, I advise you not to lose hope, do not
give up. The power in you is stronger than that in whoever you may think is
manipulating your life through evil means.
into your plans once more, more thoroughly this time around. Listen; there are
parts of our lives and plans that are not under our own control. That’s why it
is important that we commit everything into the hands of The All-Knowing God,
asking Him to control and direct our plans.
must be sincere with you, I do feel angry with God whenever my plans didn’t
work out as I planned, having made sure that I called upon Him to help me and
to guide me through. You know, this makes one feel psychically weak and cold,
especially if this has happened to you consecutive number of times.
shouldn’t be the end of your trying; success doesn’t happen as often as failure
does, failures may happen 50 consecutive times, but the one-time you will
experience success, it will be a boom. So, be strong as you work and look forward to that day the boom will come.
giving up so easily and unnecessarily makes it possible for us to grab success
the few times it does happen. Be tenacious, be courageous, and do not let the
wave of having an undesired outcome to blow you off the path to your success.
am hopeful that this article has helped you. Be sincere to yourself and be
realistic. Don’t live your life based on imagination, go for the reality. Your
expectations are imaginations, but the final outcomes are realities which are
what you stand to face.
myself am a victim to the same experience, and what I shared on this article is
what helped me to tackle the issue. I pray that you will find this write-up
helpful. Not just praying, remember that the roles you play towards achieving your goals really matters so much.
will continue to share more articles on life challenges and experiences, and
suggest possible causes and solutions; you can also check out more posts on life experiences, issues, challenges, and their solutions. I urge you to always visit this blog,
and you won’t regret ever doing so.
the voice of the high rising Nigerian music artiste, Victor AD, may God never
allow us to take the same steps we have taken before which didn’t work for us.
Just be strong, focused, and optimistic; one day your ideas will work out for
you as you have desired.
God keep furnishing me and other writers with the inspirations and insights to
be writing articles which will be helpful to our lives, Amen.

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Written By: Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (The Inspirational Parrot; NDJP)
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