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“If There Were No Other Reason For Igbos To Support PDP In 2019 Presidential Election, Here Is One Reason!” – Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

“If There Were No Other Reason For Igbos To Support PDP In 2019 Presidential Election, Here Is One Reason!” – Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

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“If There Were No Other Reason For Igbos To Support PDP In 2019 Presidential Election, Here Is One Reason!” – Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

“If There Were No Other Reason For Igbos To Support PDP In 2019 Presidential Election, Here Is One Reason!” – Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu: In this article, you will discover one reason Igbos should support PDP in 2019 Presidential Election.

You are not categorically wrong if you say that I am campaigning for People’s Democratic (PDP), or that I am campaigning for the PDP Presidential Aspirant, Atiku Abubakar (former Vice President of Nigeria), or his running mate, Mr. Peter Obi (Former Governor of Anambra State).

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I am entitled to my opinion in this article, and I stand to be corrected; and I love it when people are bold enough to disclose their own views on a particular issue, interest, or topic rather than keeping them unveiled.

Many Igbos may not be in support of PDP before Mr. Peter Obi (Former Governor of Anambra State) was officially announced as the running mate of the PDP Presidential Candidate come 2019 Presidential election.

But now that a son of Igbo has been chosen, it is enough reason for the Igbos to throw their support for PDP in 2019 Presidential election in Nigeria.

Let every Igbo person ask himself or herself the last time an Igbo person was the Vice President of Nigeria, talk more of becoming the President of Nigeria. Every time, they will keep saying, after this tenure, in the next four years; who are they deceiving: a toddler?

I am sure that some supporters of APC would be of the idea that if President Buhari is given another four years in office, then an Igbo person would be the automatic Presidential flag-bearer of APC in 2023; but let me ask you: “how sure are you that such would happen?”. Those are political promises!

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I am sure that before President Buhari won the 2015 election, there might have been same idea that he won’t go for a second term in office; but today he is, and Igbos will keep waiting till 2023.

It is better that we vote for PDP so long an Igbo person (an Anambrarian) is the running mate of the PDP Presidential Flag Bearer in the coming General Election.

As Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi did well while in office; yes, he left APGA (the so-called “Party Ndi Igbo”) to join PDP, and I don’t think that there is anything wrong in what he did (by leaving APGA).

His leaving APGA does not mean he has abandoned Ndi Igbo or even Ndi Anambra. I am sure you really know what politics in Nigerian is like: you have to join a party that can deliver you.

He left APGA because he has a higher target; APGA is not yet of the capacity to win a National political position in Nigeria, and the philosophy that APGA is Igbo party is doing the party more harm than good at National level of politics.

Mr. Peter Obi may have wronged Ndi Anambra in one way or the other in the last (2017) gubernatorial election in Anambra State or even before then; but we should not use because of the annoyance we have for a pesky rat to set the house on fire (Ka anyi hapu I ji iwe oke were sue ulo oku).

The anger of a sibling doesn’t get into the bone marrow (iwe nwanne adighi elu n’okpukpu). Whatever he has done to Ndi Anambra and Ndi Igbo, I think it is time to forgive him, which I am sure he will be humble enough to admit that he has wronged some people in one way or another.

He who only has a girl child is better than he who does not have a child at all or who still have hope of having a male child in the future. A bird at hand is better than millions of birds in the forest.

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Let us accept this great opportunity to have an Igbo person become the number 2 person in the entire Nation. Let those who will keep hoping for 2023 continue.

If APC had chosen an Igbo person as Vice Presidential candidate, then we have no choice to support them. This is time to use our “ako na uche” (wisdom) in playing Nigerian politics.

It would be preferable that we have our own person in Aso Rock and Igbos are suffering, than when we don’t even have no one, and the few Igbos already occupying top positions in Nigerian Federal Government are being retired or removed from office unduly or unnecessary.

Mr. Peter Obi (Former Governor of Anambra State) is one reason for the Igbos to support PDP come 2019 Presidential election in Nigeria.

Let us give him (Mr. Peter Obi) chance to represent us in Aso Rock with his well of knowledge and expertise in Economi management and business.

I am sure that People’s Democratic Party (PDP) are now more organized, and have greater chances of winning the presidential election if there will be credible, free, and fair election across the Nation.

PDP should know that this is another chance for them to amend their wrongs in their past regimes, and to prove to Nigerians that their administration will be better than that of APC in the past four years of their being in power.

This is my own candid opinion; feel free to drop your own opinion since we are constitutionally in a democratic society. Make use of the comment section below as you scroll down.

You can comment with your Google account, custom name, Disqus account, or with your Facebook ID.

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Thanks for visiting to read my view; you can also submit your own view to be published on this blog for others to read.

I am Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu (NDJP; The Inspirational Parrot), from Anambra State of Nigeria.

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